A Moment In Me-Time; January

It’s that time again! I took up A Moment in Me-Time series, where I give readers a glimpse into what is going on in my own personal life during each new month and this is the fourth installment. A Lovely Life Indeed gave me the inspiration for these posts and I hope you have been enjoying them!

My thoughts on January; Brrrrr….

  • If it gets any freakin’ colder here in Ontario, Canada, I think my husband’s testicles are going retreat far enough to turn into ovaries. I have also become a raging snowbitch. I hate being cooped up, which is next to impossible to avoid when I’ve got two toddlers in the house who loathe being anything other than a balmy 170 billion degrees while on top of me, nestled into my cleavage and rubbing baby palms on my skin. I don’t think tobogganing is a very toddler-appropriate activity.  snow-woman-554176_640
  • New Year, new me, yadayada. I get so sick of the, “I’m going to own 2015!” type posts. Who cares if 2014 turned into 2015? You’re still the same person you were 30 seconds before midnight and any resolution made simply because it’s the start of a new twelve months on the calendar isn’t one that’s going to last very long. I’m not saying that I’m innocent in this- I used to make resolutions, as I figured that was a good idea at the time, but they were soon forgotten. I now set goals for myself, month after month, not because it’s a change of date but because they’re ones that truly matter to me in the moment and I can get behind something like that. I did, however, pick a single word to steer me in the right direction for this coming year. You can read about that in this post; here. I felt that would be an easy daily reminder, rather than having to tackle a list of tasks set for myself.

    What I’m reading; I had been reading 101 Nights Of Great Sex/Romance (or something like that) until I realized it was written by a man, who’s clearly a pig, and involves a bunch of tasks where you present your guy with porno mags, bring porn into the bedroom or degrade yourself as a female by pretending to be a helpless nincompoop. I don’t like the idea of talking to my spouse like I can’t understand something simple and need him to do it for me because I can’t figure things out for myself. This, of course, is in order to get him out of the house, all so that I can artfully arrange his tools in a bowl for a masculine table centrepiece and surprise him with a guy’s night when he returns. That was actually a task described in the book (who puts drills and screwdrivers in a bowl, anyway?!) and it wasn’t my idea of “Great”.

    My favorite blogs/sites this month;
  • My Domestic Dish; Yeah, it’s mine! 😛 I have been investing a lot of time in my site so far this month, which has prevented me from reading as much as I normally do, and this will be the only one on the list for January. I have been changing up the header and the logo, as well as going back through and redoing some old post SEO. Those are things I had neglected previously and, as I want to really focus on writing more, I figured I should redo the things that I had not gotten completely right the first time. Correcting all of my old mistakes will make me less likely to continue them going forward. What do you guys think of the new imaging? Do you like the cute, cartoonish lady and the new header more? LogoforMyDomesticDishAs a refresher, the old header and logo looked like this;

PROPERLOGOdomestic_copy (2)

      What I’m watching;

  • Jon Stewart, as always. His irreverent style is exactly my kind of humour and I love the man.

    Source noted above.

    Source noted above.

  • Modern Family has also started back up and it’s one show that my hubby doesn’t want to miss. Of course, it’s probably because he and PhilDunphy aresoulmates, two halves of the same whole. Some days I just shake my head. Thank God I snagged him,eh? And that he looks better in nothing but dress socks;


    What I’m eating or drinking; 

  • Spring rolls! I have a friend named Jerrah, who makes the most absolutely delicious spring rolls and I can’t get enough of them. I buy them often and am so thankful to have a container of them left, waiting to be heated. They’re calling my name as I type this and I am actually debating frying some up right now. Is there anything better than Filipino cooking?
  • I have been wearing a lot of items from Perfect Threads lately, which is kind of like a Once Upon A Child for grown ups. It’s a neat store and I’m going to be doing a review for them in the coming week so be sure to check back! I love their customer service, above all things, and have received some fantastic pieces.
  • Sea Glass Riesling. It comes in a blue bottle and is normally about $16. I found some on clearance at the LCBO and opted to give it a try. It is absolutely divine, even better than Megalomaniac (maybe), so it has made it’s way into my me-time routine at night, as well as my Me Time post!glass-434789_640

    What I’m wearing;

  • I’ve also been wearing socks. I absolutely hate socks. Anyone who knows me is aware of this and, for some reason, I’ve felt like putting them on. I typically wear them only when absolutely necessary, in order to sport some sort of shoe that requires stifling my poor tootsies in a stuffy, overly warm compartment and then I take them off immediately upon returning home. My floors are chilly and my feet have “all of the markers for RA”, according to my rheumatologist, so they’ve been causing me a great deal of pain. I’ve been wearing the socks as a buffer but I’ve been compelled to wear them even in slippers or shoes. I suppose it really is cold here, as this is the first time that I can ever recall wanting to wear the slip ons from Satan.socks-91856_1280


What I’m doing;  Please see above (regarding the blog), as that’s what is taking up most of my time. Tonight, however, I’m making chocolate mousse, wine bites (various, hoity-toity appetizers that will be fantastic with wine) and I’m having a date with the hubby on our livingroom floor. Instead of the Teddy Bear Picnic, we’re doing a Parents Picnic. It’s like that, with less fur and smelliness, depending on how long my children allowed me to take a bath before making numerous high-pitched demands that their very existence hinged upon having met.

The only time they're not asking me for things.

The only time they’re not asking me for things.

What I’m listening to; 

I haven’t been listening to much, actually. Maybe numerous high-pitched demands (see above).

Making me happy this month;
  •  All of the work I’m getting done on the blog! I’ve been productive.
  • My hubby’s been far more supportive than usual, which has greatly helped with the aforementioned point. He has shown more of an interest in what I’ve been doing, as well as making sure that we set some time aside to talk to one another instead of just watching TV together. Now, don’t get me wrong, he’s normally a pretty good guy but he’s not exactly thoughtful on his best days. Lately, however, he’s not only been doing housework but he has been helping with the kids moreso than usual as well. This is all on top of his normal work schedule. I’m  not sure what has gotten into him lately but I like it. A lot.

    My goals for LAST month;

  • Keep on bonding with the hubby. Spend at least one night each week having a “date”, or at least a few hours devoted to one another without any distractions. He votes on naked snuggling (of course). DONE! I’ve been doing more of these things lately and have something set up for tonight as well. 
  • Finish my quilt when the sewing class starts up. Sewing class has not yet started.
  • Use the new Flex Belt three times a week, minimum. Not done. Womp womp. I forgot about this- and, see, that’s why resolutions are not a good thing!My goals for this month;
  • Redo all posts, making them SEO suitable.
  • Purchase and utilize a proper planner, for my blog as well as for the household. Solidify the girls’ routine.
  • Go through my “still to contact” bookmark and complete everything.


  1. Kiwi says:

    First time reading your blog and I love it! The snowbitch comment…yeah I second that except there is no snow here in ATL but its not hot so winterbitch will do! I am happy you and your hubby are spending more time together and I am gonna steal the naked cuddling idea when I get a mate again!

  2. rochkirstin says:

    OMG how cold is the temperature there? I’ve always wished to experience snow because there’s no snowing here in any time of the year. Maybe when I go to Ontario, Canada or somewhere nearer, I can feel the same. What do you do to provide warmth to your toddlers?

  3. Samantha Angell says:

    I absolutely love the new header! I feel you on going back through old posts and upping their quality, while trying to up the overall quality of your blog. I just rebranded completely, so we are somewhat in the same boat! I also totally agree with the ‘new year, new me’ thing….I’d like to call bullsh** on anyone who tries that! If you really want to make a change, you will do it the moment you decide it’s time…or you won’t do it at all. Loved this whole post and the catch up on me-time- such a great idea!

  4. Ashley says:

    I love the new header, it looks great! I just recently found Modern Family (apparently I live under a rock, I think there’s like 6 seasons or something?) and can honestly say it’s the first series since Friends that has me lol’ing in every episode! Unfortunately, I tend to watch it while listening to the same “music” you’ve been as of late 😉

  5. Erica says:

    I could not agree with you more, I go so sick of reading over and over how people were going to “own 2015” I actually didn’t even post about the new year in that way because of that reason. I am loving the new header that you have its so “pin up girl” esk and I like it a lot. I do love how you are letting us get a glimpse into your personal life and man o man do I need to watch Modern Family 🙂

  6. Natalie says:

    This was a really fun read! You’ve also made me appreciate the nearly balmy weather that we’ve got year round here in coastal South Carolina–I complain when the temps dip below 50! 🙂 I hope warmer weather (and better books–what is up with that tool centerpiece?!?!) is headed your way!!

  7. tammileetips says:

    Love your new logo! I love making changes to the blog it’s always fun to see the changes go live and how it looks. Love the idea for you adult picnic! What a fun date idea and no need for a babysitter

  8. Michelle Hwee says:

    What a great post! I found it comical and pretty engaging! January has sure been a heck of a month. I love socks too! They are just so warm, I love the fuzzy kinds! Anyways, thanks for sharing your great post!

  9. Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom says:

    Wow– you covered a lot of interesting tidbits in this blog post.

    I’m in Alberta and we’re actually having a “heat wave” with temperatures above 0! Woohoo!

    Wine bites is my typed of treat!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.

  10. Fi Ní Neachtáin says:

    Your new blog logo and header is fab! It’s great that you’re so happy with your blog at the moment and getting so much done with it, I wish I was as productive too. I’m so over the winter now at this stage too, although I did see some daffodils today so maybe spring has already arrived in Ireland – yay!

  11. Notorious Spinks says:

    Mmmmmm… after reading your entire post, I was kind of stuck on the Jon Stewart post writing…I’m going to assume that this was said as a joke, but as a “Black” I don’t find much funny about “Black” jokes….these days. Black rights should not be a line item on comedy shows…. Blacks around the globe deal with too much for our “rights” to be a punchline in a joke. But, thanks for the humor….

  12. Cherri Megasko says:

    Wintertime is tough when you have little ones at home, but it sounds like you are doing great things to ensure that you still have valuable “me” time as well as quality with your husband. And, by the way … I hate socks too! I would be perfectly happy wearing flipflops 12 months a year, but for some reason, when there’s a few inches of snow on the ground, that doesn’t work out so well!

  13. Samantha Angell says:

    The Sea Glass riesling sounds so delicious. I’m not usually a huge riesling person, but if it is nice and light I can definitely try it out! Like you, I also hate wearing socks- even now, I have none on and my feet are freezing. Can’t you just not wait for warm weather, when socks absolutely are not necessary?!

  14. Giveaways 4 Mom says:

    It is so cold out here too. The other day we had some light snow. Luckily, it didn’t prevent the kids from going to school or stick. I am hoping that we bypass any other snow and spring hurries up and arrives.

  15. Myrabev says:

    I agree with you on resolutions I realised long ago that they dont work for me so instead i set monthly achievable goes and if i miss one so be it. I may need to check out the book you’re reading, its intriguing though not fun lol.

  16. Lauren says:

    HAHA modern family is my absolute favorite show! They are perfectly sarcastic…the humor is right up my ally! As for the cold…sorry I’m not going through that right now (Dallas is 75 degrees). Maybe you should move here!

  17. rochkirstin says:

    I’m not anymore updated with the latest episodes of Modern Family. I missed that show suddenly with you mentioning it! Anyway, on another topic, my mom also dislikes wearing socks and only wears them when necessary like you do. I, on the other hand, love socks! I even wear them with heeled shoes because they are just so comfortable!

  18. Sara says:

    This sounds a lot like my life at the moment minus the cute snow lady. I have a 4, 2 and 7month old baby and they have cabin fever as well as me. I need to get out because I’m turning into the Hulk being inside – and I hate socks too! They feel like they are suffocating me and I’m always barefoot whenever I can be. We’re watching Modern Family over here in the UK too, and we just started watching Brooklyn 99 [ I think that’s what it’s called ]. I hope you get out soon – and congrats on all of your blog work, I know how good it feels to get things done when you have little ones at home!

  19. lauriel says:

    The new ‘My Domestic Dish’ is absolutely adorable!!! I love the sassy, happy look of the cartoon-style character – makes me smile and draws me in. Great re-branding! Also.. you mentioned one of my fav guilty pleasures – I’m with you on the spring rolls! And even better that you get a friend to make them for you. As much as I love them, I don’t deep-fry, so I have to curb my craving at a restaurant. Hope you can enjoy them quietly 😉 in your me-time soon!

    Great duo of lesser-known widgets to showcase; both can be great, distinctive self-promotion. I think it may be a good way to ‘balance’ out the social media channels… I’ve found that for some inexplicable reason, IG always gets clicked on, but not the others. Will have to try highlighting them this way. 🙂 Thanks for this DIY!


  20. lauriel says:

    Oh dear… I left part of a comment that I didn’t intend to (it’s part of my compulsive copying to do, just in case I lose part in a reload, and accidentally got pasted) Please delete it and use this one!

    Comment redux: 🙂 I love hte new ‘My Domestic Dish’ logo! She’s such a cute, sassy, and adorable character that just makes you smile and draws you in~ And I totally agree with you about spring rolls. LOVE them. You’re so luck to have a friend make them for you! I don’t deep-fry, so I have to satiate my craving at the restaurant. Mmm, now craving them… Hope you get to enjoy them in a (quiet) me-time soon!


  21. Natalie says:

    You are right, January has been a very cold month indeed. I like both of your logo/banner, very colorful. I keep meaning to sit down and watch Modern Family, but I have yet to do so yet, I’ll have to see if it’s on netflix, I seem to do that on the weekends I dont have the kids and binge all weekend long.

  22. Jenn @ The Art of Better says:

    You so made me laugh. Ya, I read about 1/4 of that book and threw it out. . . it’s almost complete rubbish written by some guy with a huge ego.

    Love the point you made about your hubs being supportive at the same time you made a concerted effort to spend more quality time. I have found the same correlation. . . the better I am to him, the better he is to me. Thanks for co-hosting the Monday Mash-Up!

    • Alysia from My Domestic Dish says:

      So glad I’m not the only woman out there who has enough common sense to realize it was garbage and degrading. I was so insulted! lol
      Even some of the stuff had my hubby screwing his face up and “wtf”ing 😛

      I think quality time spent with a spouse is something that needs real focus once children enter the picture. It’s just easy to forget that sometimes.

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