A Moment In Me-Time, Loathsome November

Being inspired by a fellow Blogger’s “Ahora” series, I’ve decided to start A Moment in Me-time and give readers a glimpse into what is going on in my own personal life at the start of each new month. This is the second of this series, for November (obvs!!). Thanks again to Kelly, from A Lovely Life Indeedfor the inspiration. 
*** Disclaimer; Post includes Amazon affiliate links***

November…I hate this month with every fibre of my being;

  • It gets cold. I don’t like this kind of in-your-bones-teeth-chattering-nipply-and-nose-runny cold. Plus, it’s wet. Cold and wet are not the way to go. Canada sucks right now, no two ways about it.
  • Halloween passed and I’ve got Christmas to dread. Living in a home with four children means bills- Massive bills and Christmas strewn everywhere. My gorgeous babies will become wrapping paper shredding, screeching minions of Satan and they’ll be more wired than Charlie Sheen while winning. Until the New Year, I am a closeted and falsely happy human embodiment of Grumpy Cat. Bah-Humbug! 
  • My love of pumpkins must be stifled for the time being.
  • That creepy Elf On The Shelf comes out to freak the shit out of my hooligans.


What I’m reading; 

  • Superfreakonomics: Last month’s post actually inspired me to pick it up again and, even the second time around, it’s fantastic. 
My favorite blogs this month;
  • Crazy Little Projects; Just click it, you’ll see why. This blog is absolutely beautiful and has an insane amount of cool DIY stuff on there. I have pinned a bunch of her projects already and am truly inspired by the amount of work that goes into everything and the creativity of this blogger. Check out the 25 Creative Gift Ideas Under $10
  • The Megalomaniac Mommy; I like Anne’s way of writing and find that she is easy to relate to, especially as we share an illness and both have large families. Hers is a bit larger than ours but, hey, we’re still young ;P This blog covers a massive array of topics, from crafts to reviews and everything in between. Anne puts it all out there in some posts, has beautiful photos in all of them, and will give you plenty of food for thought. This is a blog that I am always happy to return to.

What I’m watching;

  • The Blacklist. It’s a fantastic, suspense-filled crime drama based around Raymond “Red” Reddington, an ex government agent turned career criminal. He voluntarily surrenders to the FBI after decades of eluding capture in order to work with an agent, Elizabeth Keene, on her first day on the job. It’s been good so far, even if some of the plot twists and relationships are a bit too drawn out for my liking. I can say without a doubt that James Spader is my absolute favourite actor and there’s nothing like hearing him tear a strip off of someone. He rocks my socks.       As if the Avengers franchise couldn’t get any better, they’ve added him to the cast. Can’t wait!

What I’m eating or drinking; 

  • Halloween candy. We bought far too many boxes of candy this year and got about a handful of kids. I’ll take one for the team and try to consume the rest of it. On the subject of Halloween candy, this is something that I look forward to seeing each year and will tune into Jimmy Kimmel, if only for this reason; 

  • I have also been into lentils lately and have been using them in different dishes. I’m actually going to post something about that this week, I hope, if I can get some decent photos when I make my next dish. They’re so good for you!

  • I’m still eating pumpkin seeds. I should have done a tutorial for how I make mine, as they are crazy addictive and a better snack than most. I have one, uncarved pumpkin left over from Halloween so I’ll have to do it up and schedule a post for a whole year from now! Here’s hopin’ I am still “Dishing” by that time.

What I’m wearing; 

  • A lot of black items, including this one by Alkemie Apparel that I recently reviewed. The weather has been darker and I think my wardrobe may be influenced by the dreary days. I also lost another family member this week, which came as quite a shock, so I dug out all of my black clothing to find a respectable outfit that would work for services. 
What I’m doing; 
  • Spending a lot more one-on-one time with each of my children. I always make sure to do things with my babies, as a family, but I have been devoting more of my day to each child as an individual and have found that it has greatly helped improve the attitude of my oldest. He’s an excellent, little boy and very easy to deal with (for the most part) but he was getting a bit mouthy, sulky and snarky. I realized that I have been curbing our activities more towards the littler ones and our “date night” wasn’t cutting it. I am pleased with the results so far and have been enjoying spending more time with each of my children on their own, instead of primarily as a collective.
  • Playing catch up. I have fallen down on the job recently, in the cyber world, and have been trying to get back on track with photo editing, posts and creating content. I overhauled the blog, changed the layout, theme and colours and have been working on some other things recently but it’s time to get back down to business.

What I’m listening to;

  • The Very Best Of Rod Stewart. I was cleaning out a shelf in the basement and came across my old CD case, finding some classics in there and this was one of them. Do Ya Think I’m Sexy always makes me laugh, as I think of the old, drunk Scotsman singing it in So I Married An Axe Murderer. Hilarious movie. 

Making me happy this month;

  • My oldest, Thing 1! He just brought home an absolutely fantastic report card and the only real area of improvement that was noted was the fact that he needs to learn to be a little less like his mother was in class…he needs to zip it. His grades are fantastic, he’s now attending classes in French and is picking up a second language quite well. I was so nervous about him attending Immersion, as he was not keen on it to begin with, but it has worked out incredibly well. I am so proud of him. He’s pictured below while playing dress up with his overly bossy sister, who demanded he be a “pwincess” too. She does this to everyone in our home nearly every day but, lucky for me, Ben is a great sport about it and is the best big brother. He may very well murder me for posting this but, knowing him, he’ll probably think it’s hilarious and just wonder about the comments.

  • Which brings me to my next thing that makes me happy- the princess fad, as there is nothing more adorable than two tiny ladies in gowns and tiaras. Here’s Charlii, dressing her sister up and waving like the queen; 

  • Sewing! I have taken up sewing and even started a little beginners class. I am presently working on a hideous, although fairly well-crafted, quilt made from scrap fabric. I love the hobby but need to build up some supplies before I can do much from home.

My goals for LAST month;

  • Bake breads or snacks twice a week. Try new recipes as well. Not done as much as I had hoped. I broke my fantastic measuring cup and need to replace it 🙁
  • Find a weight loss routine/workout/diet that is obtainable and stick to it. Done! I lost 9lbs thus far.
  • Get out more. Done!

My goals for this month;

  • Lose more weight, even after eating cette weight in Halloween candy.
  • Finish my quilt.
  • Devote some time to the hubbs, as I have been doing with the children…At least once a week, without any other distractions.


  1. Russ R. says:

    I like this one and I’m gonna do it as well in my blog. I like it coz it will help keep track of the stuff that I’m doing and it’s a good way to see if there’s anything productive happening, lol.

    I enjoyed reading this and it’s always great to know other bloggers. Goodluck on your weight loss journey + I’ll definitely check out Superfreakanomics. It sounds like something I’d enjoy reading and the mere fact that you’re reading it a second time – it should be cool.

    • Alysia from My Domestic Dish says:

      Freakonomics is the first one, Superfreakonomics is the second- although you can read them in any order and it doesn’t really matter. They’re fantastic books and cover a wide range of interesting subject matter. Really gives one some food for thought.

      I look forward to seeing this on your own blog! You’ll have to link me to it! 🙂

  2. Fiona says:

    Awh no, it’s sad that you hate November. I actually like it as I love Christmas and we don’t have a creepy looking elf on the shelf. November is my partner, dad and brothers birthday month too so we’ve a lot going on 🙂

  3. Franc says:

    It’s one of the festive times of the year but you are right the bills can really be heavy this season. I actually like the weather at this time though.

  4. Kung Phoo says:

    I am one of those that did not have good holiday experiences growing up.. I dread them every year to this day… I am trying my best for the kids, but its so not easy.

    • Alysia from My Domestic Dish says:

      Agreed! I hear you on that. My parents always made Christmas a larger ordeal for us as children but I think, once that torch has been passed, it really takes the joy out of a lot of it by adding a great deal of stress and pressure. My boys are at an age where it’s all electronics and big ticket items, which is never fun, but the girls are going to be a riot this year. I can’t wait to see them opening things on Christmas morning.

  5. Lynndee says:

    I’m amused. My husband dreads the cold months too. I don’t because it means it’s the holidays already and it is my favorite time of the year. Ironic too because I came from a tropical country. 😉

  6. Lisa says:

    LOL! You Crack Me Up With The Elf On A Shelf, Dreading Xmas Too The Shopping But Love Watching The Kids Open Their Presents You Have A Beautiful Family.

  7. Erica Brooks says:

    I’ve been to Canada and it does get pretty cold. I’m not crazy about the cold either but I love Thanksgiving so I try to focus on that and stay indoors as much as possible.

  8. Emilee says:

    I. HATE. elf on a shelf. The only thing more annoying than the elf, is the people that think EVERYONE wants to see pictures of the damn elf EVERY SINGLE DAY!

  9. Liz Mays says:

    I haven’t watched that James Spader show. I’m into Dexter right now. I’m ok with November here because it’s still pretty warm. Not a fan of January and February though!

  10. Esther Ju*Lee says:

    We’re the opposite.. we’re so glad it’s finally cooling down here. Summer was awful in Las Vegas. I have superfreakonomics on my kindle, and I’ve been meaning to read it.. but I can’t seem to open it!

  11. Lale Gil says:

    I have to agree on you with your view on november. As much as I like the colors of the fall I HATE cold weather. Im from the Caribbean so leaving in NY is a weather shock to me

  12. Miranda Myrabev says:

    I love love The blacklist, will the UK would catch up on the new season already. On the weather front I am the same hate it already but then again the UK is usually like this so oh well. Good luck with your goals for this month

  13. Melissa says:

    I have to say that I’m never excited for Christmas either. There’s so many birthdays before & after that make it a nightmare to get a decent amount of shopping done without going broke for another year.

  14. Ecuador InMyEyes says:

    I’ve been watching Preppers on Netflix and, of course, since it’s November it’s Tena’s anniversary festivities here. 454th year since the city was founded and there is so much to see, experience and enjoy!

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