Be Clean Naturally Review

How to naturally clean is with Be Clean Naturally, of course!

A few weeks back, I was thrilled to receive a large assortment of little goodies from this company, based in Squamish B.C. (for those who have no idea what the heck I’m talking about and figure I’m speaking of a vegetable or a Bigfoot, it’s a place on the Western side of Canada) and have spent the past little while trying out their products. Of all of the soap reviews that I have done in past sudsy posts, I have to say that the scent coming from the Be Clean Naturally packages was most definitely the strongest in a very pleasant way. It smelled similar to laundry and lavender as soon as I opened the parcel, which was fantastic for me because it provided a scent that I have been missing after switching to natural products but it was still accomplished without synthetics. I was immediately impressed.

Upon first impression, their site is very easy to navigate, beautifully designed and includes cute, little family touches on the pages with brief introductions from Kirstin, her husband and their children. It’s on the About Us page that we find out how the company began and I thought this quote from the founder was endearing;
I’m Kirstin, the founder of Be Clean Naturally Soap Products. I started making soap because my beloved Shone is allergic to EVERYTHING! I thought that a way to a man’s heart was through his stomach, but it turns out in this case that it’s through his skin, with a little jasmine.”
Be Clean Naturally began as a labour of love and it shows within their products which, speaking of, check this one out;

I think they’re quite pretty and this is, as the stamp would suggest, called “Love” which has added lavender oils, Himalayan crystal salt and flowers to the base- that’s what you see embedded in the top of the bar. This bar was my favourite of the lot, looks-wise, as I enjoyed the addition of colour and the stamp made for a lovely decoration. As far as the scent goes, it’s exceptionally subtle and dies down in the bar as time passes. I found that it seemed to have no discernible scent whatsoever after a few days, which worked well for me because I could get my husband to use it without claiming that I was trying to hand him “girl soap”.

After he grew to love a previous hand soap that I reviewed, he was quick to pounce on this bitty bottle;

I have to admit, I didn’t fall for this one as a hand soap. I think it may be the olive oil blend for the base because I prefer that for body use, which you may love just fine. It was a similar consistency to a dish soap, in my opinion, and a bit more runny than what would normally be found in the bathroom. It was not at all unpleasant to use but a pump is most definitely a more desirable vessel, which they carry if you go with a larger size, as then I wouldn’t have to worry about using too much at once.
My hubby enjoyed it, saying that “It smells like I just ate a candycane!” and following that by looking as if he wanted to eat one. Anything that reminds that man of food is great in his books because, unlike Kirstin’s hubby, the way to Bear’s heart is definitely via his stomach. I also detected an herbaceous note to it, which ups the peppermint to another level and it makes for a mouth-watering experience, so I was not at all surprised by his commentary.
I think that I would love this one as a shampoo, more than for hand use.
Speaking of shampoo, this bar below can double as that as well as a regular body soap;

What a segue, eh?! It actually can though- be used on hair, as well as hands, face and body. When I first received the soaps, I was not as fond of the scent of this one simply because it was so subtle while dry but it definitely comes alive when used. I had such a pleasurable experience with the menthol and eucalyptus, without feeling as if I was inhaling a vaporub, and breathing in the aroma of the lather left me feeling like I was showering outdoors in dewy freshness- without the criminal charges for exposure, that is. This bar is rejuvenating and refreshing in a way that standard soaps can not compare to and I had the most pleasant experience with this one where body lather was concerned. My skin felt awakened by the menthol, as well as smooth and nourished due to the saponified oils.

On the topic of menthol, or minty, additions to the household, this is the Be Clean Naturally Tranquil Room & Linen Spray and it smells a lot like peppermint;


I had been trying to find an organic, or natural, air freshener for ages and this one’s quite fresh. The soothing smell does dissipate fairly quickly and that is to be expected because the fragrance is natural. Things like Scentsy, or Glade, are filled with chemicals and they smell fantastic but will probably kill us at some point. It sucks, as the trade off is one that can cause some contemplation for myself (ah, hell, who cares if I die early if I can have it smell like Cinnabon in here?!) until I look at the babies and would prefer to refrain from using synthetics in the household. This provides the same type of pleasant, perfumed pick-me-up and allows me to run around in the same harried manner, spraying each room of the house for added freshness,  prior to company arriving. You do it too, I know it.
With this natural room spray, I would recommend using it when the little ones aren’t in the immediate area, as it could probably cause some eye irritation if little faces are looking up into the falling mist. The other spray options that Be Clean Naturally offers probably wouldn’t but I would suggest a better-safe-than-sorry approach to anything with peppermint, as it’s a very strong essential oil.
This blend of lavender, rosemary and peppermint is great for things like improving an agitated mood, or helping with insomnia. I went through nearly the entire bottle before I thought, “Duh, pain relief!”, as all of those ingredients provide relief for headaches, inflammation or pain, and I started using it as an absolutely fantastic muscle spray. It works just as well as A5-35 and I know what’s in it!

If you have other injuries and ailments to soothe, this is the wound balm;

Now, I have had no real reason to use this as part of first aid care since receiving it (knock on wood that I don’t, as my home is full of accident prone klutzes) so I can only speculate about the healing properties based upon the ingredients. You can do that kind of research just as well as I can and check out the page about this stuff here. I use some on the ingredients list for almost everything imaginable and firmly believe in the healing properties of essential oils; As such, I do think that a balm comprised of the best of the best of them would work well. It smells, to me, like beeswax and calendula, which is fantastic for rashes and other skin irritations. Texturally, it is a lot like beeswax but then goes on with a buttery-smooth layer that makes for an excellent barrier cream. I would go so far as to use this on baby bums, although diaper rash has not been a problem with our youngest two and I thank cloth for that!
Moving from soothing baby bums to washing bitty booties and bodies, this is the Baby Bar;
Would you like to know the ingredients? Of course you would, as a responsible parent! Olive oil. That’s it, that’s all. No dyes, scents, chemicals, parabens, sulfates and so on- just pure, natural, olive oil. It leaves skin soft (as if it wasn’t already), clean and moisturized with a rich and pleasing lather. Due to the composition of the soap, you really have to avoid leaving it in the water for too long and be sure to store it properly in between washes or it will become slightly more gooey and soft than other bars might. It is about half the size of the other soaps and not much cheaper, which does not make the most sense for our household budget. In all honesty, the rest of the bars do not contain anything that is not “baby safe” (although I would avoid mint for children and do not use tea tree oil on babies under 6 months) and I used the Love and Tea Tree bar on the girls too.
This was my favourite of all of ones that I tried due to the fragrance and the fantastic array of uses. Be Clean Naturally makes soap bars that can be used on the hair as well the body so this is GREAT for school-aged children as shampoo. Tea tree oil helps deter lice naturally, which has been pretty much my worst fear since my oldest started school, and has been added to our daily regiment. This tea tree oil soap makes for a quick, easy way to add the oil odour to my little ones’ hair without it being overpowering and it’s also an excellent solution for skin blemishes or acne. If you don’t have children to worry about, you could use it on the poochy to prevent fleas.

This, all around, is an excellent soap for value, skin, scent and suds. I most definitely recommend it.

Last but not least is the laundry soap;
Mhmm, lemony.
It smells a lot like lemons and a bit like tea tree oil so, of course, I had to quote and then impersonate Homer upon opening the bottle. I did not find that it was sudsy, which most natural laundry soaps are not, and was unsure about how clean our clothes would be until I opened the washing machine and could smell a lingering freshness. That set the soap apart from any natural product I have used to date, as there is typically no fragrance after a wash but this was noticeable, although light. Admittedly, the bottle was so little that I could only do one large load and do not have much experience with this but, at $2 for the small bottle, it’s worth trying on your own if it is something that you think you may like. I can not speak for stain fighting power, terrible grime or anything like that but it smells pretty decent and appears to do the job.
All in all, I had an excellent experience with Be Clean Naturally and enjoy the idea of supporting this family and their labour of love. I would have to pick the Tea Tree bar as my preferred of the lot, although so many on the webpage are incredibly intriguing for me and I would have a hard time choosing only a couple that I would love to bring home. The diverse line of products that Be Clean Naturally carries offers something for everyone and, if you’re wanting to do a bit of shopping but have a hubby who monitors the budget, bribe him with some Chubby Rubby if he keeps quiet about your purchasing decision. If he’s not confused enough by the offer to open up the webpage then I would be shocked. If he’s anything like mine, he would be immediately on board at the mention of the product name alone- aaand grinning like an idiot every time you looked at him for the rest of the evening.
Now you’ll have to head over to the site to read up on Chubby Rubby and see what the heck I mean by that. While you’re at it, be sure to stop by their Facebook page too.

Natural Skincare and Opeongo Soaps

Hello all! It’s been an absolutely gorgeous day outside and thank goodness it has, as I am not horribly thrilled over being back in my area. Here where I live, it’s beautiful, balmy and sunny outside- which is more than what I can say for last week. I was on vacation and took a trip up north to Muskoka, so that had to be just my luck. The weather did not bother me terribly though, as I was able to watch some fantastic rain pound down onto the lake outside my window.
You can never get overly  upset about anything while up north in Canada- it’s far too relaxing for that.
See for yourself;
That was the view from the doc, just 30 seconds away from my front door. When it was pouring, I had my morning coffee in the screened Muskoka room and it was much like sitting outside. On nice days, such as this one, I got to be out on the lake and enjoy a cup of Death Wish while sitting where the little guy in the right of the photo is parked. This picture was taken from the corner of the dock and can not possibly do justice to the scene.
Due to my vacation and the use of some fantastic products while away, I’ve got a review for you! A couple of these items in particular, I believe, are a summertime must if you prefer to deter bugs naturally but I will tell you about that in just a second.
Opeongo Soap kindly sent me a couple of bars and their goat milk bath soak. I used the soak at home, prior to leaving, a couple of times and will cover that first.


I am a big fan of a relaxing bath, with a nice glass of red wine and some sort of addition to the water. I try to stay away from things that are full of chemicals and scents so, more often than not, I miss out on a few of the most pleasurable, bubbly aspects of tub time (apart from not having children making various demands of their Mum for at least half an hour). With the lavender goat milk bath, however, I was pleasantly surprised by the fragrance and how well it came out in the water.
The stuff looks quite a bit like baby powder in the packaging;
The slightly flowery scent is not overly strong but incredibly fresh and pleasant, with that being what made the whole experience for me. The water was left milky, of course, and the difference it made to my skin was only noticed after drying off. There is no beady residue or no oily feeling that can be detected while in the bath, which is nice, but I noticed that it helped to soften my legs in particular and I felt quite smooth afterwards.
Out of that bag pictured above, I got three uses in a very deep and full tub. You can get about twice as many smaller ones out of it, or it can be used for foot soaks and lasts about as long as a bag of bath salts would.
Next up is the spearmint soap!
Of the three products I had been sent, I enjoyed the smell and look of this one the most. It’s the same size and shape of the other soap, which is fairly hefty as you can see;


It has green swirls all throughout and smells a lot like a stick of Wrigley’s, bringing back memories of childhood and a mouth-watering yearning for a stick of waxy bubblegum. I loved having this option, along with the peppermint soap (below) because spearmint is lower in menthol content and can be used for young children as well!
The essential oil has a wide range of uses, including this bar likely being an excellent addition to any acne fighting regiment, only I chose to use it in order to bathe the babies while up north in the hopes it may keep some mosquitoes at bay. Of course, I used a natural bug spray in conjunction but the two youngest ended up with less bites than my boys did! The boys opted to use their standard olive oil soap, then also snuck some of their father’s body wash and walked around smelling like Old Spice men, aka mosquito magnets.
Check out this site for more uses for the oil itself; organic facts.


The above picture is the bar I figured most useful, the peppermint soap.
I love peppermint essential oil and use it for a variety of reasons in my own home on a regular basis, one of them being the stress relieving properties that make for a warming, muscle-soothing and calming addition to bathwater.
It is a great way to boost circulation and is fantastic for your health, as well as your skin, so I am always pleased when I find it as a main ingredient in products. This and the other soap lathered nicely, were more moisturizing than a standard bar and felt luscious on my skin. Although I preferred the scent of the other more, I liked the way this one made my skin tingle with the fun, minty sensation.
On top of that, I do genuinely believe it may have helped with the bugs and think it is worth trying! I am thrilled to report that I ended up with far less bites than I normally do, less than any of the others in the family, and I spent more time doing things outside during peak “buggy” hours! I set our fires at dusk, was out at the barbecue while the mosquitoes were at their worst and went fishing at night many times without issue. Here is a bit of reading upon the subject, if you care to check this out. The benefits of a peppermint scrub are numerous and I enjoy any such bath products as is, making the use of them as a bug deterrent an added bonus.
After a very hot day outside, the refreshing, moisturizing and minty lather was the perfect indulgence.
If you want to check out Opeongo’s site here, you may find your perfect summer bar as well.


Below are a few more ways to get in touch with them.


I hope your day is as pleasant as mine has been so far!