Kiss InstaWave Automatic Curler Review and Video

Thank God for the Keep It Simple, Stupid approach to curling with this hair tool that I received through BrandBacker to review, as I’m completely inept where these types of endeavors are concerned. Luckily enough, for my viewers and my locks, I had a relatively easy time of things with KISS Instawave Curler. You can find these awesome tools online at;

Check out my video below for my experience and, as it’s my first ever YouTube review, please be kind!!

Jamberry Nails- wrap review, plus giveaway!

Woot woot! My finger tips currently look like beautifully wrapped Christmas presents, thanks to Jamberry Nails! Admittedly, I had heard about these before and saw them mentioned in People Magazine but I had zero clue what was so special about them, if I needed to go somewhere to have them applied or what the whole deal was. My sister-in-law recently became a sales rep for the company so, of course, I had to check more into it.
Now, I’m a fairly “crunchy” Mama, as regular readers know; we cloth diaper, try to eat primarily organic, cook from scratch with fresh ingredients and go phthalate/chemical/synthetic free whenever possible. That being said, I do like visiting a nail salon once in a while and enjoy the time out of the house, prettying it up and taking a break in order to get a nice manicure. That and hairspray are two things I will still indulge in whenever given the opportunity- I’m weak I tell ya, weak!
Anyway, nail polish never lasts long in a house with four children, dishes to do, things to scrub and, to make matters worse, I’ll chew my nails. It’s gross, I know, but I hate when they start growing the littlest bit because I can’t stand being able to see the underneath of them. I do that or will need to have them painted constantly, which I pick at polish, and that just ends up a futile endeavor. 
With Jamberry Nails, I’ve been able to grow my nails longer, have them protected, I don’t want to chew or peel chipping polish off (as it doesn’t happen) and the vinyl covering will strengthen my nail to boot. It seems much better than a trip to a nail salon, where they’ll file down my nails until they’re ruined, super glue tips on and use a bunch of chemicals to build up a fake nail. It’s cheaper too!
It’s not a perfect product where PVC is concerned, if I am going to be entirely honest, but I eliminate the inhalation of scents, as well as the need to remove it with acetone. Points for that.
They’re easy to apply too! Supplies required; 

Scissors and/or nail scissors, a nail file, Jamberry wraps, tweezers (or something to hold the wrap with while you heat it), a hair dryer, that cool stick doo dad (not entirely necessary but I like it) and a glass of wine. The glass of wine may not be your preferred beverage of choice, although I highly recommend it. Yes, it is required for manicure- trust me.
For each nail, you trim the wrap to size, heat them up for 3-5 seconds one by one and stick them to your nail. Try to not touch skin or the nail bed, then apply a good deal of pressure while you smooth out everything perfectly. The adhesive will keep the wrap on your nails for about 2 weeks, while maintaining their perfect look the entire time, and they will last even longer on toes.

Check out the final, picture perfect result too!

How gorgeous and festive do those look?
This is only my second time applying these wraps, the first being a tester on my pinky finger only, so I would say that I’m a newb to the nail world. I am not a professional, by far, and can manage to do these without issue. They are a cinch to deal with, very simple instructions are provided, and there is a wide array of options available in the online shop, which you can access here.

One of the best things about Jamberry is that it is also incredibly easy, unlike with ordinary polish, to make your lead hand look as nice as the other! See how mine compare?

I did both myself and they look the same, which is a first for me. Plus, there is no drying time and no post-mani screw ups the second you’re done.

I love the massive array of design options listed on the site, as well as the “buy 3, get one free” option because it makes some Christmas gifts a no-brainer for me. Always handy this time of year, especially with the festive prints available. 
If you order via the Facebook shop, international shipping is possible so be sure to get in touch with Ash if you’re living overseas and want to hop on the jamwagon! I have already gone ahead and ordered a poinsettia print for my following set and, thank you to Ashley, my sister-in-law,  your next jamicure could be on us!
You will get the print pictured throughout this review;

PLUS the Santa Suit print, found on this page here.
Enter below but, if you want to peruse her Facebook page for more info, some neat contests and to see more photos of the beautiful options available then feel free to join Ashley’s Jam Shop!

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Deserving Thyme Deserves Your Time

Hi all! I have some very interesting, incredibly different goodies to show you today and they arrived at my doorstep courtesy of Deserving Thyme, a Canadian based company that strives to bring a healthy approach to body care to the masses. 
I waited for the parcel with a bit of skepticism, as I had not used aromatherapy roll-ons previously and was not sure that I would like them. This is the first fragrance oil roll-on that I tried, called Be Sweet, and I was pleasantly surprised;

These little, organic fragrance sticks are blended with essential oils, or comprised of natural and organic scents, and they pack quite a punch. This one contains jojoba and I enjoyed that addition for the benefits my skin would reap as a result of it’s usage. Jojoba oil is quickly absorbed, not leaving any greasy residue and it’s absolutely fantastic for the body. Often referred to as “nature’s multitasker”, it’s great for a variety of topical uses and, when blended with this mouth-watering mix, it is perfect for date night too! My hubby has a sweet tooth and that was blatantly apparent as a result of his reaction to this scent. The aroma stayed a bit on the stronger side for a while but, when it dyed down, I found myself closing my eyes to inhale the remaining fragrance and I actually enjoyed it more at that point. The “Be Sweet” title is entirely appropriate, as the roll on is reminiscent of cotton candy or candy apples and smells a lot like pink sugars, without being sickening or overpowering. I found it much nicer than any spray of similar scent found in stores, which typically gives me a headache. I had no such reaction to Be Sweet and recommend this as a beginner perfume for a young lady or just for anyone who needs to boost their mood. I found the sweetness and candy-like notes instantly made me happy. I mean, who wouldn’t be happy smelling like memories of sticky fluff on a stick from the fair?

The second one I tried, pictured above, is the Clarity Oil Roll-On. This one’s made with jojoba oil, lavender and peppermint. I’m not sure what else it includes, if anything at all, but it is supposed to help you focus, or ease tension and help you to become inspired when necessary. I love lavender oil and I use it almost daily in the household so this was a welcome product and a nice treat to find in the parcel. I actually used this while suffering from a headache, finding it helped to provide distraction from the symptoms when applied to my temples, under my nose and to the pressure points on the back of my neck. The peppermint sensation is pleasantly warming and the fragrance is much more subtle than with the Be Sweet roll-on, lessening to that of just the lavender with a sweeter note than usual. 
My favourite part of the package was this little box of heaven; 

I have mentioned in previous posts that I am not one for moisturizer. I just never use it, nor do I really feel as if my skin requires it. This product made me realize that I am a complete fool, I love being velvety soft and I ended up wanting to slather it all over my entire body, it’s just that good.

Upon first inspection, it doesn’t look like much;

Like with the organic roll ons, the Hand Revitalizer includes jojoba oil but that’s kicked up a notch by aloe vera, evening primrose oil and vitamin E. Added to the mix of oily goodness is rosemary, lemon and lavender, along with some little scrubby buddies. It smells a bit too herbaceous for my liking but, once I put it on, I stopped caring about that as much.

Application is much like that of a sugar scrub but the results are so much more satisfying, with my hands coming out baby soft and super silky. I never enjoyed this type of ritual previously, feeling that I would start moisturizing my hands once age crept up on them, but I wish I had started sooner and, after finding this, I won’t be stopping! Of all of the products I received, I can most definitely say that this one is quite unique and extremely enjoyable.

If you want to check out Deserving Thyme for yourself, you can find their website here and their Facebook page here

Organic Lip Balm from Still Eagle

The lovely Still Eagle store in British Columbia, Canada, sent me this organic chapstick for review and I could not be happier!
Now, upon first glance, they really do not look like much. Then again, nothing in an itty-bitty tube of this nature brings a great impact to the table;


Now, I know it’s not Hoo-ah but Hurraw, yet I still found myself saying it like Al Pacino;


Sourced from;


From then on, this review became a heck of a lot more fun, as well as irritating for my husband because he now has that stuck in his head. Hurr-aw!
Just try to stop yourself from thinking that now. It’s impossible. You’re doomed and, from here on out, you may very well think of Al Pacino in Scent of a Woman every time you put on lip balm. If so, my work here is done. Wait, no…that’s not what this review was about. My work is not done, so keep reading!

Anyway, these little guys are all natural, vegan, fair trade lip balms and they work well!
I truly enjoyed these, finding them far more silky and smooth than others I have come across. More than just that though, I absolutely love all of the trouble that the company goes to in order to make certain that a safe, quality product is produced.

There are no parabens, petroleum, GMO ingredients, artificial colours or flavours in the balms and everything is free of shea butter, soy, wheat or palm; which translates to it being perfect for anyone with a latex allergy too. My sister came to mind, as she’s horribly allergic to the stuff and this would be a great option to test out. I suppose, being the big sister, I’m used to sharing my things and will give up one of them to her. What else is new, right?
Hurraw Balms are made up of a whole lot of fantastic, luscious oils (such as coconut, olive, castor, almond, jajoba and sesame), butters and candelilla wax. Plus a little love, or at least it seems like it, as all of the oils and butters within are cold pressed. That is more costly for the company but it means they retain all of their natural enzymes and essential nutrients. None of that cancer-causing, oil-drilling by product to be found here, which is standard with so many other lip glosses, sticks or balms. I find that simply fantastic!

Now, with the first one, I admittedly had zero clue what the heck a Vata Balm was and had to read further upon the subject. That left me even more confused at first, so I will attempt to explain it as easily as possible and hope I hit the mark. Yay for my disclaimer bar at the top, as I have already made it perfectly clear that I am no expert. In any case, this particular kind is based upon Ayurveda, which his the traditional medicine in India, as Hurraw actually has a practitioner on site. Under this medicine, there are 3 Doshas and those are Vata (wind), Pitta (fire and water), then Kapha (water and earth). A combination of each Dosha is present in every person and this particular flavour would be great for one pulled toward the Vata.

To quote the Hurraw site exactly here, this would be;

“The Vata Dosha: dry, quick, cold, light, subtle Element: air (wind) & ether (space)
Commands: intuition, creativity, imagination, spontaneity
Emotions: anxiety, worry, doubt, fear
Pacified by: sweet, earthy, warm”

By fortunate coincidence, I think this was probably the best organic lip balm that I could have been sent because that description speaks to me on a personal level. It may explain why I enjoyed the combination so much, although it is not something that I would recommend widely due to the distinct flavour. It has a very “foody”, almost spice-like, taste to it and may not be everyone’s cup of tea. For that, I would recommend the chocolate or rootbeer. I have never tried those myself, but I would love to, and you can never go wrong with chocolate!

The other lip balm that I was sent was coconut, which was nothing like the cloyingly sweet, synthetic versions that are on the market. The flavour was very much like actual organic coconut oil, which is used regularly in my home for a wide variety purposes, and was nothing out of the ordinary for me. Again, this one would be ideal for anyone who normally suffers with a chapstick allergy.

Both absorbed incredibly fast, but hydrated just as quickly, and each was fast-acting as a chapstick for fine lines. They did not leave that sickening, fruity syrup-like taste in my mouth, was not sticky, took care of sore lips immediately and I was very pleased with my overall experience.

As per usual, Still Eagle impresses again with their diverse stock options and unique finds.
Visit them on Facebook on check out their site here.

Say it again, just for fun, “Hurr-aw!”