Sleep X- Sleep Remedy Review And A Snuggly Video

Sleep X

When I first received this sleep aid product, which came at no cost as part of this sponsored post with BB&G Health Corp, I was very skeptical about it’s effectiveness. I’ve dealt with insomnia for as long as I remember and have been through my share of sleep remedies- be those natural, prescription or over the counter medications. I have, however, never come across a natural sleep remedy that is effective but does not leave lingering effects. Through a potent blend of tryptophans, vitamins, melatonin, L-theanine (an amino acid found in green tea), passion flower and magnesium, this sleep aid supplement helps;

– Regulate your sleep wake cycle

– Fight jet lag

– Relax at night

– Fall asleep fast

– Sleep soundly

– Energize you in the morning

I can attest to the fact that this company backs up their claims with surefire results, coming quickly and upon first usage of the product.
I was so absolutely thrilled with the Sleep X natural sleep remedy experience that I have become a customer, can say that I have honestly placed my first paid order on their website after running out of Sleep X, and this has been my best bloggie find since starting My Domestic Dish.
I’m not one to typically give overwhelmingly positive reviews but this stuff actually works and, if you’re having trouble sleeping, I recommend you become a customer too.

I ran out of Sleep X, which you can purchase via 88herbs or my Amazon affiliate link below. If you use my link to purchase this item, you’re supporting my family and my bloggie endeavors- thank you!

Please check out my, admittedly, lackluster video but, due to running out of Sleep X, I have been quite exhausted lately;

I Met My Matcha

I was very excited to receive some complimentary Steeped Tea from my friend Erin,  which came in a gorgeous, blue package that I quickly tore open. I have a love for matcha tea due to its health benefits but am always on the hunt for a more tasty option. The Steeped Tea company offers a wide variety of flavours, as well as an interesting #meetyourmatcha challenge and corresponding bundle. How awesome is this kit?!
I was most definitely up for the #meetyourmatcha challenge, due to my fairly recent discovery of this fantastic dietary option. The health benefits of matcha tea area numerous, some of which include the massive antioxidant punch (137 times more than standard green tea), disease prevention, lowering cholesterol, natural detoxification, age-fighting, it boosts metabolism and there are a slew of excellent vitamins, amino acids and minerals in the tea as well. When standard tea is made, we only get the nutrients that come out in the steeping process but, in order to reap the full benefits of green tea, we would actually have to consume the entire leaf. That would be pretty gross, chomping on a soggy tea leaf, but matcha tea powder provides us with that option, sans the cow-like chewing. I’m a big fan of the cancer-fighting catechins (a class of antioxidant) and matcha tea, according to Brunswick Labs, actually has the highest concentration of antioxidants than any other “superfood” out there today. Even if I didn’t enjoy the tea, I would still drink it after that!
When I opened this particular box, I found a cute measuring spoon and four different blends of matcha green tea powder inside; melon ball, sweet strawberry, original and pineapple.
I was pleasantly surprised by this beautiful bundle, as it’s full of some interesting flavour combinations and ideas for your own matcha recipes on this great reference card;


As I have to whisk the tea, I decided to make it in a bowl and you typically add 1/2 of a teaspoon to a full teaspoon of the powder, depending on your taste. After a year of experience with this powdered beverage, I typically prefer the thinner option because it is not chalky on the palate.
This is the bamboo whisk that I use to whip up all of my concoctions, along with the stand it sits upon. Cute, isn’t it?!
See how beautifully green it is? Compared to other teas like this, it is far more vibrant than the ones I have come across previously- this means that they used quality leaves and it hasn’t been blended with too many stalks or garbage-y bits.

Now, when you start out on your own matcha tea experience it is absolutely imperative that you first mix the powder with only a bit of water. You make a paste, then add the rest of your water, or you’re going to end up with a very clumpy and unpleasant tea. Most people don’t know this so matcha gets a bad name.

You whisk everything in a zig-zag motion and are doing well if you get quite a few bubbles. I took the below picture after the froth had dissipated a bit but it only takes about 15 seconds or so to get an ideal amount of foam to it. If you do things properly, you’ll end up with a few more bubbles than this.
If you are not a fan of green tea, the original kind probably is not the beverage for you. It’s exceptionally earthy and tastes of vegetation. It is not astringent and reminds me a bit of alfalfa sprouts, kale or similar tastes. The sweet pea-like finish makes one go back for more and I find this beverage to be incredibly soothing but my husband, on the other hand, hates the stuff.
Morning matcha in my moccasins;
For the past couple of weeks now, Steeped Tea has been my go-to option as part of my morning routine and I’ve found myself partial to the melonball option, personally. It tastes like a watery honeydew, or at least I think so, and doesn’t leave you with a cloyingly sweet or fake taste in your mouth. It does more for me than espresso and I find that an evening cup helps to prevent me from crashing right after dinner. It saves from exhaustion and saved my poor family members from an exhausted me, which can be rather unpleasant if I’ve got a list of chores to knock off and am fighting the Sand Man. An average serving of matcha tea, according to Matcha Source, contains around 35mg of caffeine but studies have shown that the natural combination of everything else that the beverage offers actually causes the energy jolt, with none of the typical caffeine jitters that one might experience from coffee. This also means that, much to my enjoyment, I don’t have the post-coffee crash either.
The pricing per serving comes out to less than buying coffee or tea for the day and far more healthy for you, as an added perk.
I’m a big fan of the versatility and, to name a couple of things you can do with this as an ingredient, it can be added to puddings, rice dishes, icing, muffins, curries, salad dressing, as part of cake (although I’m not partial to that and I matchafailed on that one), any sort of smoothie recipe you would like, as a crust on meat, to soups and mixed in with cream cheese. Here were a few more of my #meetyourmatcha endeavors;
If you’re not a huge fan of the taste, one of the best ways to sneak matcha tea into your diet would be to include it in eggs because the taste is masked quite well. I’m  not a fan of green eggs as a visual so I didn’t include anything in liquid form. For my quiche, pictured above, I tossed some in with the cheese prior to blending everything into my egg mixture. I found it paired really well as part of a spinach dish, sharing similar tastes, so we actually didn’t notice it a great deal as part of this dinner and the cheese absorbed all of the matcha goodness.
I was actually absolutely thrilled with this lunch;
I mixed a serving of matcha into my avocado for atop of my goat cheese and found that this sandwich, on rye, quickly became a hit. I’ve actually eaten one of these tasty, little morsels for lunch every day this week! #newfave
The website has a wide variety of recipes for cooking and other uses, such as matcha smoothies like this one, although I am partial to all of them in liquid form. I also like making mine with more than just berries and have found that peaches pair incredibly well with this flavoured stuff, especially if you’re using any of the melon matchas as part of your drink. My husband, however, likes his blended with vanilla icecream but, thankfully for him,drinking this tea can also more than double the body’s own rate of thermogenesis (fat-burning) so he can afford this pleasant beverage. The pineapple one is my husband’s pick, appealing to his sweet tooth, and this is actually the only type of matcha he will drink. As such, I’m a customer for life! I found the strawberry one to be most pleasing where scent was concerned but, with icecream, anything goes!
matcha smoothie
And, on the subject of green tea sexy, why don’t we go typical mojito but just crush a bit of the matcha powder along with the lime and mint? Hands down (and bottoms up), it’s got my vote!
matcha cocktail
I’ve seen the #meetyourmatcha challenge done so many ways, with suggestions made about face masks or using matcha in massage oil. Although that’s all well and good for some, I definitely prefer to gain all of the benefits of ingesting this tea and, as a matter of taste, I really do enjoy keeping it simple and drinking it as part of a daily ritual. If you want to go slightly more fancy than a standard cup of tea, you could always sweeten it with some honey, froth some milk and make it a latte. The tea-world is your oyster!
Here is Erin’s contact info, or visit her Facebook page by clicking here, as I know you’re now ready to #meetyourmatcha!

Garcinia Cambogia with green coffee bean.

As some readers may know, I have written a garcinia cambogia review previously, found here, and did not have the best luck with the product.

I was recently sent a bottle of GloryFeel’s brand free to review, which I have used my affiliate link to connect you to further down in this post, and decided that it couldn’t hurt to add the weight loss supplement to my daily regiment. I figured it would be much the same as last time but accepted the opportunity anyway, as there’s no risk to trying these- they’re natural, GMO-free and don’t include any fillers, cholesterol, fat, dairy, sugar, gluten, soy, wheat, peanuts or shellfish. I’m not worried about any of those ingredients but the GMO-free, U.S. made, FDA inspected qualities of the GloryFeel brand are a definite plus for me. Often times, I worry about things coming from overseas where I have no real idea of the authenticity of the ingredients, how things are regulated and how safe the product itself would be.

weight loss pill, diet pill, miracle pill, green coffee beans

With my mind at ease, I have been taking the supplement for just over a week now and it has added green coffee bean extract, potassium and black pepper (the last two are said to be for absorption). Now, I’m sure you’ve probably seen the online buzz surrounding garcinia cambogia but I was more intrigued by the green coffee bean, which is a controversial, widely used ingredient that’s been marketed as a weight loss supplement since the early 2000s. Dr. Oz, of whom I am not the biggest fan, supports this even under FTC scrutiny and reportedly gives this to his family members. Green coffee bean has also been a Health Ingredients Europe conference award winner for Best Ingredient and there are no known side effects relating to its usage. That’s enough to perk my interest!
I started the Isagenix program a week before adding the garcinia cambogia supplement and have been drinking plenty of water but, otherwise, have not changed my lifestyle and exercise routine whatsoever. It has been only dietary additions, yet I do still enjoy a glass of wine or a snack when I want one. Regardless, I have noticed dramatic results; In less than two weeks I am down 9 1/2lbs! I’m thrilled.

I lost 3.2lbs in the first week and the rest of it came off during the second, with the addition of the garcinia cambogia. I didn’t think to measure my waist line because I had not considered that there may be a noticeable change so quickly but my tummy is smaller and my upper thighs are definitely shrinking as well!
I do think Isagenix played a role but GloryFeel’s Carcinia Green Coffee has helped make the journey so much easier for me and I am getting faster results than what can be expected on average with the program. I am a big eater, especially for a lady of my size/stature, and struggle with having only a shake for a meal as part of the plan. I’ve found that the supplement, as noted with previous use, helps suppress my appetite a great deal. I don’t feel hungry and, therefore, don’t have slip ups and “cheat” like I was doing before I started taking the pills on a daily basis. My husband has also noted that I haven’t been “hangry” (his term for being hungry and angry about it, which has happened to me since I was a little girl) at all since starting.

I can genuinely say that this product is working for me, keeping me energized and feeling full. My weight is down, my mood is great and I’m beyond excited about being able to drop almost 10lbs in two weeks. I’ve been struggling to do that for a year now. Clearly, this was far more effective than other brands that I have tried.

Sadly, they do not ship to Canada on a regular basis so my readers from the States are the only ones able to take advantage of this handy weight loss pill for the time being.

(Affiliate link)
Use the discount code;

Feel free to check out this video below for another lady’s opinion (not affiliated with myself or my blog) and add GloryFeel to your Facebook by visiting this link.

Slow Food For Fast Lives

I recently had such an unexpected, unique experience with a plain, old granola bar that I figured I would share. This is Slow Food For Fast Lives and they carry a few surprising flavors that you may want to check out; 

The company objective is to create innovative, delicious and nutritious options for people on the go, setting themselves apart from the standard, sugary or chocolate covered energy bars that are so widely available. As each of the three founders wears a variety of titles and has their hands in other companies, it’s no wonder they needed something quick and satisfying to boost their energy stores. Slow Food For Fast lives was born in the kitchen of an imaginative, healthy, home-cooking Mama and every bar is made around a central theme, such as “Thai” or “California”. 
Speaking of, I will tell you a bit about my experiences with each type. 
The first option that I tried was the Moroccan, the original bar. 

I have to admit, if you go into this thinking “granola bar” then you’re going to become quickly alarmed by the assault to the tastebuds. I did and did not initially enjoy the experience, as I am so accustomed to the chocolate drenched, chewy, Quaker-like “granola” bars that offer no comparable nutritional value. These do offer the same mouth feel, with added chunks of real nuts or whole pieces of ingredients. I was not a fan of the ginger in this, although I really (and surprisingly) enjoyed the way the carrot sneaks up in this snack. I took a few bites and shared this one with my daughter, who devoured it in it’s entirety quite quickly. I asked her what she thought and my little lady replied, “It’s yummy! Delicious.” Clearly, by the fact that my child who eats like a bird ate the rest of it, she approved. As a parent, I like the idea that she was eating something that offered diverse, new tastes while being full of nutritional value. 

My least favourite of the package was this one, Indian; 

I will start by saying that I absolutely love Indian food. In fact, if I was to choose any one regional cuisine to eat for the rest of my life, I would choose the culinary options native to India and I am extremely familiar with such dishes. I would not have chosen to combine these options in one palette for a snack bar, personally, and couldn’t get over the cauliflower, coconut and cumin combination. It just was not for me and the scent of the cauliflower, as well as it’s taste, was not my preferred ingredient. I think each component could have made for a unique bar but combined was not the best way to go. If coconut was being used then possibly cinnamon or cardamom instead of cumin and then rice, rather than cauliflower, may have been nice. Even a dessert bar inspired by India would have been delicious but not overly sweet, in keeping with the company theme. I don’t know, this one was just not for me but I like the concept and it may be of interest for others. 
The California bar and I have a love-hate relationship; 
I am a huge quinoa fan and I will eat it mixed into dishes or even on it’s own. I also love kale, almonds are a daily snack for me and pomegranates are something I enjoy immensely. All good things. The taste of this bar is especially great when you get a bit of fruit in there, or a whole chunk of almond. I asked my hubby to take a bite though and he could not get over the way it smells. Admittedly, it smells quite a lot like rabbit pellets and, as taste and smell are definitely linked, I feel that this is something that could be improved upon. After he mentioned it, I noticed the scent more so and became fixated to the point that it dampened my overall experience. 
This little bar here, the Thai, was like sitting down to dinner; 

I was very surprised by the complexity of flavor and how much I enjoyed this. The peanut is more peanut buttery but it melds nicely with the other notes and there is a hint of lime in there, just perfectly mixed in with the pepper as a citrus undertone. I think, of all of them, I enjoyed this one the most.
Overall, I think Slow Food For Fast lives definitely lives up to the company name- each bar provides an experience that is worth savoring and taking some time out to reflect upon. Check out their website here and their Facebook can be found via this link
They are definitely not something that you will have come across before and I recommend them for those who wish to branch out of their comfort zone.

Read If You Have A Penis Or You Just Own Someone Else’s

I recently used my father and my hubby as guinea pigs, in order to review Herbal T Male Performance supplement;

This is supposed to naturally boost testosterone, without drugs, hormones, steroids, fillers or anything synthetic. Testosterone, apart from being one of the main reasons that men are the less intelligent sex ;), is required to help a guy function. Without adequate levels of it, they go all nutzo or are as useless around the house as a couch potato on game day.
All joking aside though, testosterone is required to combat things like diabetes, osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease. That’s on top of being necessary in order to combat fatigue, irritability, loss of initiative, depression, reduced muscle mass and weight gain- especially in the midsection and chest. Plus, testosterone is responsible for pretty much everything down below, from the size of a guy’s berries to the firmness of his twig. Seriously! As if we hadn’t known that already though, right?

Of course, I thought a means of naturally boosting it was fantastic and really wanted to find out whether or not this could be something that the important men in my life could benefit from. Here are our results;

My hubby (pictured above) is 27 years old and a very large man, at 6’4″ and 235lbs. He eats a fairly healthy diet and is as active as possible, while working full-time and Daddy-ing straight afterwards because he misses his babies like mad. He’s adorable. Overall, he’s also quite fit. We don’t typically have issues with mood, irritability or any nether regional difficulties BUT he has an issue with falling asleep if he sits still for any length of time. There’s no reason for him to be tired, or lethargic, and he can’t figure it out. I know many of you ladies out there will say, “Oh, I hear ya!” because your own husbands sack out on the couch nightly but this was, honestly, so bad that I thought he had narcolepsy. I sent him to the doctor’s office and they checked his testosterone levels, which he told me were fine but it’s a serious issue in our relationship. We don’t spend a heck of a lot of time on our own, once all kiddies vacate our laps, and having to fight him to stay awake gets to me.
This supplement genuinely helped from the first day he took it and he called on his break to tell me this;

“I normally crash around lunch time and find myself getting tired. That didn’t happen to me today. In fact, I feel better than usual and…it’s going to sound stupid but…I’ve got an urge to lift really heavy things!” 

I took that as a positive sign. This carried on for the duration of him taking it, including him being able to stay up much later at night and not falling asleep while I talked to him. Bonus.

As far as improving sex drive goes, he did note that he thought about it far more often…but that’s not exactly new for him and he may have been playing it up for sympathy? Who knows but, either way, he took it as an excuse to be a horndog. I suppose the supplement would work if your partner needs a bit of inspiration in that respect, although mine does not and I can not speak to it’s effectiveness because I have never experienced him feeling “ineffective”, so to speak. With four children, a household to run and two holy terrors aged 2 and under, that’s incredibly inconvenient sometimes.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the ingredients, sourced from the product Amazon page (affiliate link).

As far as my father goes, he’s 50 years old and has noticed a considerable decline in strength these past few years. He used to compete in bodybuilding competitions so, if anyone knows what he’s talking about where that kind of thing is concerned, it would be my Dad. He has used Tribulus, for similar reasoning, previously and that’s one of the ingredients found in this formula so he was instantly intrigued by the idea of reviewing it for me.
He did notice being much less tired and not falling asleep around the house, which is the same thing that Bryan can attest to. As well as that, after four days of rest between gym work outs, he is typically weaker and noted that he was as strong as usual, if not stronger. That, plus the energy boost, has sold my father enough that he is willing to jump into modern day society and make his first-ever online purchase by ordering another bottle.

All in all, I can say that this product is worth trying!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Deserving Thyme Deserves Your Time

Hi all! I have some very interesting, incredibly different goodies to show you today and they arrived at my doorstep courtesy of Deserving Thyme, a Canadian based company that strives to bring a healthy approach to body care to the masses. 
I waited for the parcel with a bit of skepticism, as I had not used aromatherapy roll-ons previously and was not sure that I would like them. This is the first fragrance oil roll-on that I tried, called Be Sweet, and I was pleasantly surprised;

These little, organic fragrance sticks are blended with essential oils, or comprised of natural and organic scents, and they pack quite a punch. This one contains jojoba and I enjoyed that addition for the benefits my skin would reap as a result of it’s usage. Jojoba oil is quickly absorbed, not leaving any greasy residue and it’s absolutely fantastic for the body. Often referred to as “nature’s multitasker”, it’s great for a variety of topical uses and, when blended with this mouth-watering mix, it is perfect for date night too! My hubby has a sweet tooth and that was blatantly apparent as a result of his reaction to this scent. The aroma stayed a bit on the stronger side for a while but, when it dyed down, I found myself closing my eyes to inhale the remaining fragrance and I actually enjoyed it more at that point. The “Be Sweet” title is entirely appropriate, as the roll on is reminiscent of cotton candy or candy apples and smells a lot like pink sugars, without being sickening or overpowering. I found it much nicer than any spray of similar scent found in stores, which typically gives me a headache. I had no such reaction to Be Sweet and recommend this as a beginner perfume for a young lady or just for anyone who needs to boost their mood. I found the sweetness and candy-like notes instantly made me happy. I mean, who wouldn’t be happy smelling like memories of sticky fluff on a stick from the fair?

The second one I tried, pictured above, is the Clarity Oil Roll-On. This one’s made with jojoba oil, lavender and peppermint. I’m not sure what else it includes, if anything at all, but it is supposed to help you focus, or ease tension and help you to become inspired when necessary. I love lavender oil and I use it almost daily in the household so this was a welcome product and a nice treat to find in the parcel. I actually used this while suffering from a headache, finding it helped to provide distraction from the symptoms when applied to my temples, under my nose and to the pressure points on the back of my neck. The peppermint sensation is pleasantly warming and the fragrance is much more subtle than with the Be Sweet roll-on, lessening to that of just the lavender with a sweeter note than usual. 
My favourite part of the package was this little box of heaven; 

I have mentioned in previous posts that I am not one for moisturizer. I just never use it, nor do I really feel as if my skin requires it. This product made me realize that I am a complete fool, I love being velvety soft and I ended up wanting to slather it all over my entire body, it’s just that good.

Upon first inspection, it doesn’t look like much;

Like with the organic roll ons, the Hand Revitalizer includes jojoba oil but that’s kicked up a notch by aloe vera, evening primrose oil and vitamin E. Added to the mix of oily goodness is rosemary, lemon and lavender, along with some little scrubby buddies. It smells a bit too herbaceous for my liking but, once I put it on, I stopped caring about that as much.

Application is much like that of a sugar scrub but the results are so much more satisfying, with my hands coming out baby soft and super silky. I never enjoyed this type of ritual previously, feeling that I would start moisturizing my hands once age crept up on them, but I wish I had started sooner and, after finding this, I won’t be stopping! Of all of the products I received, I can most definitely say that this one is quite unique and extremely enjoyable.

If you want to check out Deserving Thyme for yourself, you can find their website here and their Facebook page here

Thieves Oil And It’s Many Uses

Hi, my name is Alysia and I am an addict.I have only just recently come to the conclusion that I am hopelessly, utterly addicted to thieves oil.
I discovered Marseille’s Remedy Traditional Thieves Oil via the Still Eagle shop because it appears that Deb, from the store, has a knack for sending me things to review that I end up loving. I had heard of it before, I’ve used components of it previously, and I was most definitely open to trying thieves once I smelled it as a complete formula. The scent is quite powerful, although not at all unpleasant, and the notes that come through the best for me are those of rosemary, clove and lemon as the finishing fragrance. There is also cinnamon and eucalyptus within the mix, adding to the powerful pungency but it makes for a lovely aroma overall and it is one that you will keep going back for, once you have used it the first time.

thieves oil

The picture and date of 1413 on the bottle was intriguing for me, which made me do a bit of research into the origin and I found out that thieves oil was originally used by grave robbers in France, who were stealing from the bodies of those who died of the plague. They had mixed a blend of spices in a recipe that allowed them to be among plague victims without contracting the disease, which they eventually traded for a lesser sentence from the judge when they were caught and tried for their crimes (they were hanged, instead of burned alive). It is said that their blend of spices and perfume mix is the reason why plague doctors would wear beak-like masks filled with the concoction, although one can only speculate based upon old tales. What I know for certain is that thieves oil is an excellent antibacterial solution and, with a simple Google search, you can find over 100 uses for the stuff. I particularly enjoy diffusing it to kill bacteria within the air, which I have read that it can eliminate over 99% of it within 12 minutes.

thieves oil
I think so!

I have also started applying it to the soles of my oldest son’s feet before he leaves for school, which is supposed to help prevent him from contracting any of the other germy children’s viruses. Here’s hoping, as I have two toddlers at home with me and sniffly, sickly toddlers are not fun housemates. Come to think of it, a whiny and sick husband isn’t either and he is not at all partial to oil of oregano. Luckily, thieves oil tastes much better to ingest (I would recommend a drop in some tea).

I have also used it on acne spots since I got the bottle a few weeks back. My oldest daughter is potty trained but she had an accident in bed a while ago so we put her in Pull Ups for a couple of days, just in case, and they caused her to break out in some spots on her bum. The thieves oil lessened the redness and actually completely healed the pimple within a couple of days. Admittedly, I can’t wait to experiment with that aspect more but it will be a while yet before my children require remedies of that nature on a regular basis. When the time comes, however, I will update again.

My usage of choice is the headache remedy; I have suffered from something called “cluster headaches”, aka “suicide headaches” (as people who deal with these will kill themselves), since I was 19 years old. They come on out of nowhere, last for days on end and are like nothing that I can possibly describe but they are similar to a long-lasting migraine that has been sent straight from Satan. When they come on, I will be sick as a result of the kind of pain they cause and used to take pills that would cost upwards of $100 for 6 of the silly, little things. Now, I have not had a full-blown episode since I received the thieves oil but I have had a normal headache, or a preceding type of migraine, and the thieves oil took care of it quickly. I was absolutely shocked over how fast the remedy lessened the pain and had better luck with this than any over the counter medication; I put a drop onto my thumb, then rub it into the roof of my mouth. When I dealt with more severe pain, I also put some oil onto my temples and the pressure points in my neck. I actually found that to instantaneously relieve my headache, although it did also cause my eyes to water for about five minutes until the scent died down a bit. Worth it? I think so.

I have also used it to combat mildew in the bathroom, scrubbing my tub surround with it, and adding it to the Zero Xeno descaler. I also use it in my laundry and am going to try the stuff as a stain remover, as I have read great reviews for it online, tonight on my son’s grass stained pants.

My husband’s preferred method of application and use would be via massage, when blended with coconut oil, lavender and peppermint. It smells absolutely divine, helps to relieve muscle tension and pain, and is so relaxing to inhale that I end up falling asleep before he attempts to seduce me- or at least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

I am a firm believer in the benefits of thieves oil and love the organic blend offered by Still Eagle, due to the size of the bottle and how long it lasts. I suggest it for a multitude of remedies in the advice section of the Frugal Mommy Facebook group all the time and needed to write this post so that people finally know what the heck I’m talking about, as I genuinely do love the stuff and use it for everything. In the interest of an honest review, I must say that shipping costs are quite high if you are not placing a large order so be sure to stock up and make it worth the postage. Talks are presently in the works for a possible discount for readers so stay tuned for the next Still Eagle review.
If you want to check this awesome, germ fighting oil out for yourself, click here. If you want to connect with the store via Facebook, you can find their page here.


Kiss Me Organics Matcha Review

I have talked before about Matcha and I keep bringing it up, I suppose because I love the stuff. I am a weirdo, however, and enjoy things like brussel sprouts, broccoli, spinach and kale. I like the earthly, leafy flavours and was probably a rabbit in a past life.

Most people do not feel the same way about veggies and I am seeing an increasing trend among friends, or their children, who are steering away from greens. Now, that is a completely different blog post in itself and I hate that idea,  but nonetheless I may be alone in enjoying the matcha flavour. I know that is the case in our household, as I have introduced my husband to it and he nearly gagged when trying to drink the tea previously- and he’s one who will eat greens without fuss! He tried it as a result of the energy boost provided though and that benefit alone outweighs the taste for him. Dr. Oz recently did a show that featured a segment on matcha, which you can view here, and discusses the fantastic health benefits of using this product.
With the Kiss Me Organics Matcha, you’re receiving something that is USDA certified organic and they test their leaves in the lab to make certain that their tea is of the highest quality. This is important to me because it means that pesticides, chemical-laden fertilizers and herbicides have not been used on the plants, on top of the company taking steps to make certain that the tea was not exposed to unsafe toxins as a result of the geographical location.

With matcha tea you’re getting about 30mg of caffeine per cup, an excellent source of amino acids, 1/2 tsp is equal to 8-10 cups of regular tea where antioxidants are concerned and it improves focus, as well as memory. Very important point here for any other Mamas on the reader list; it also blocks fat from entering your cells! Oh yeah baby! I wouldn’t care if it tasted like gym socks, which thankfully it does not, I would be drinking it daily.

In all seriousness though, for me personally, I enjoy the calming ceremony of whisking matcha green tea and sipping from my ceremonial bowl. I’m a nerd, I know. This particular brand is not one that I would drink directly like that, however, as it tastes a bit muddy to me and I do not find it to be of the same vibrant, gorgeous green colour that ideal matcha is. The straight drink is not something I would recommend for this one but it works out alright as I do not always have time for that anways. I simply wish to include it in my diet, regardless of the rush that I am in. For that purpose, or so that my husband can enjoy the benefits without the flavour that he does not enjoy, we make a matcha smoothie. The value provided from Kiss Me Organics is excellent for the smoothies, as you can still gain the benefits from green tea powder but don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to include it in a wide variety of recipes.

In a smoothie, you can include nearly anything you would like, with any mix you so choose. I typically add in organic soy or almond milk, a tsp of matcha, some frozen berries, 1/3 of a cup of North Coast Naturals fibre and half of a banana. I say only half because my one year old daughter eats the other and I toss the remaining end in to use it up. Here is the result;


With Kiss Me Organics, you can find a multitude of uses for the matcha green tea powder with their recipe booklet, like matcha rice or lattes, and the product itself is of Certified Organic quality. It’s absolutely delicious in a smoothie and, if the mood suits, I add in some coconut oil for the additional health benefits.

How do you fit healthy choices into your busy lifestyle?

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Intelligent Nutrients, Not Just for Geniuses.

Hey you! Glad to see you on the page and here’s what I have to show you today, my find of the season;

This is the Intelligent Nutrients Bug Repellent Perfume Spray, which I was sent to review,  and I was absolutely thrilled with this product for a variety of reasons.
I have been hunting around for an organic bug repellent for ages and had either very little luck with effectiveness or an oily, stinky and poor experience. My homemade mosquito repellent, admittedly, did not work nearly as well and was not as strongly-scented as this one either. The Intelligent Nutrients one smells like peppermint and cloves, as far as I am concerned, and my hubby thinks it smells “like an herb garden”. It’s not offensive, like many commercial products, and is gender neutral in aroma- always an important thing for two, little boys who believe smelling the least bit floral is the equivalent to being put in a dress.

What is important for me though, and a pleasant surprise, is that it works to help ward off ticks, gnats, flies, aunts and mosquitoes! We took it up north to Muskoka, where the bugs were so bad that going outside meant you were putting yourself up as feast for dozens of mosquitoes at once, and I used it every day. This picture was taken about five seconds after spraying it on and, as you can see, there’s no oily film or absorption issues and I found it left my skin quite soft. The sensation is pleasantly cooling and I believe that is due to the peppermint.

We were also provided with the handy, little pocket-appropriate bug serum;
Both products smell exactly alike, only the serum is more oily and I found it was perfect for massaging on our youngest child. She loved the snuggly bonding time and it was a great moisturizer, on top of being an effective mosquito repellent.

My husband, like most any normal human being, hates bugs and thought that our OFF Family Care would be more effective due to the Deet content and the reputation. The boys, wanting to be like their father, opted to wear the same spray until we compared bug bites at the end of the night and the boys ended up with a lot more than the girls. The Deep Woods version is the only one that compared but I was not pleased with the boys using the less harsh Family formula, let alone that, and the only one who wore it was my husband.
The spray was my top choice of the two but I really liked the oily serum for in a diffuser, which I use on my front porch now. I can genuinely say that Intelligent Nutrients makes the best natural mosquito repellent that I have used to date and highly recommend the product!

I was also sent their Harmonic shampoo and conditioner combo and, although I do not normally review sample size items, I decided to take these away with me as well. They are the perfect travel sized bottles;

Much like the bug spray, there is an herbaceous undertone to the shampoo and the peppermint is prevalent, as well as cooling on the scalp. I love hair care products that include mint and have become somewhat addicted to the sensation- It’s so refreshing! My only complaint about this product is the packaging- the bottles are very stiff and it leads to the whole harsh shake, wiggle and squeeze to try and get the shampoo out. It would be fantastic if they were in soft tubes, or if the shampoo and conditioner came out easier.

I found the scent to be slightly more masculine, in my opinion, and loved the smell of it in my husband’s thick, beautiful hair after he showered. The conditioner is moisturizing but not overly greasy and rinses very cleanly away. All in all, I had a pleasant experience with this where scent and sensation were concerned.

Last, but not least, is the certified organic sanitizer;

It is always difficult to find a sanitizing product that is free of parabens, sulfates, silicones, harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances but this one contains none of those while still remaining 99% effective at killing germs. I found this to dry incredibly quickly and it was initially very pungent where the alcohol scent was concerned, then it quickly died down to smell a bit like vanilla and pumpkin. My husband said that the scent reminded him of Trix cereal, for some reason. He’s a strange man. What I liked most about this product was the fact that it came as a spray, not a runny liquid that you can squirt into your palm, and is therefore more difficult for children to use. I like the idea that my toddler will not get into this as easily as she could a bottle of the gel, although I would never leave her unattended around something like this anyways. An extra precaution, however, is always a bonus. I also like the spray for toting around in a purse, as it is less likely to leak and comes with the additional cap to put on top. Very handy.

Intelligent Nutrients was a company that I had not previously heard of and, upon discovering that they carry such a wide variety of Certified Organic health and beauty products, I am so very pleased to have come across them. If you want to find out more information for yourself, please check out their website here and stay tuned for a future review of their Renewal Complex Eye Gel this month!


Saje Natural Wellness; Pain Relief

The nice people from Saje opted to send me a couple of their products to try, which had originally started with them choosing to have me review some children’s items to see if they may help my little guy at all (autism). Sadly, those items were not in stock when they went to ship them my way but I was not exceptionally disappointed to find that out; This meant that they sent out enough samples to really test those remedies and adequately study their effects, preferring to know what theirs does and does not do. I can’t wait to find out the results and I am sure many other mothers in the same situation will want to check out their blog here for them as well.

In any case, I was pleasantly surprised by a package at my door that contained some of the pain relief options I had discussed previously, even though I was not able to test out the product that they had requested. I did not expect to receive an item at all, let alone two that were so perfect for my situation and incredibly thoughtful to boot! I was excited to try these out, as I know many other women who deal with pain on a daily basis and it’s an unpleasant issue for me in my daily life.
Myself, I deal with chronic pain due to being hit by a negligent driver in a one ton 4×4, who was more preoccupied with the blonde at the side of the road than where he was going. I was a pedestrian and, clearly, no match for the Ford. I was hit, thrown into an intersection and skidded about five feet after landing. It was quite an experience but I thank God on a regular basis that it had not been a minute earlier, as my son would have been crossing that way with me and on the side where I was hit. He would have surely been killed. Two years of physio later, I can walk without looking like a peg-legged pirate (most days) but have soft tissue damage, joint pain, ligament pain, a leg that decides when it will work or not- and one heck of a grudge! These are things that, regardless of my workout routine or how much effort I put into my recovery, I will always deal with. I refused to take the medically prescribed pain relief options and have been on the hunt for useful alternative ones since.
I had been sent the Pain Release Anagelsic Bath Salt Soak, as well as the Pain Release Analgesic Massage Oil, both being found on their site;

Firstly, I took a bath with this in the water;

You’re supposed to add two capfuls to a bath in order to have muscular aches and tension removed with pain-relieving essential oils. I found that this smells very pleasing, with eucalyptus coming through nicely as the prominent scent. I added an additional capful to my bath, as I draw a very deep tub and I’m just that kind of overindulging lady! I am a big fan of bath salts for detoxing as is and my tension really did melt completely away while using this. The fragrant steam calmed me and the chamomile came through for an even more relaxing effect. I have found this to be one of the most effective water remedies I have come across, as I have experimented with my own essential oils to try to find the best mix and nothing has been this pleasing. Top this soak with a glass of wine you’ve got heaven in a tub!

As for the massage oil;

I was not as impressed at first. I found the aroma incredibly pleasant, as with the bath salt soak, but this one smells a little more herbaceous, with rosemary being the prominent component for me. I am a big fan of all things that smell as though they came from the earth and this fits the bill. The salts and the rub are made of similar ingredients and I have to admit that I was surprised to see that wintergreen (or at least peppermint) was not one of the additions. Wintergreen is a known, and studied, pain relief option and it’s great for joint issues. It would be an awesome addition to this and, if I had any on hand, I think that would have made for a perfect remedy concoction. Like I said, I wasn’t horribly taken by it when my husband rubbed this on my shoulders, traps and neck. The aroma creates a lovely cloud of intoxication, it really does. I kept saying that I didn’t notice it’s effects as much and then, all of sudden, I felt nothing. It was not a numbing sensation, or a tingling one, it was just a lack of pain all at once. Either he gave me an excellent massage, which has never been his strong-suit, or this did help to dull pain. Within an hour or so, I was back to having a bit of muscle tenderness but it truly does work for short-term relief. I would say it takes a bit to kick in and a little bit longer to lose effectiveness. On the plus side, you can get a half hour massage out of just the tiniest bit of oil and a small amount goes a long way!
It does give some relief and makes for an aromatic, calming, sensual and lovely massage oil overall.

If you are going to decide between the two, I would most definitely choose the bath salts. Absolutely fantastic, in my opinion, and it was such a pleasant experience that I looked forward to my next bath like a child waiting for Christmas!