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If you wish to contact me regarding a review, please reach me by email at; alysia @ mydomesticdish dot com .
I do not accept trial sized items, as I like to be able to adequately test and familiarize myself with products before writing about them. I pride myself on providing in depth, quality reviews and appreciate full-sized samples in order to facilitate that. All reviews are done within approximately 30 days of receiving any packages for that very same reason.

You can find me on Twitter via the username @MyDomesticDish
I also have a personal Twitter account, although it’s mostly unrelated to this blog and full of highly inappropriate #hashtagwars tweets that you probably would not want to read. If you are a fan of @midnight or terrible people, you can always send me an email and I will give you that username as well. At least this way I have provided fair warning.

My Pinterest is found here;

I am on LinkedIn because, apparently, that’s important;

If you want to lurk me, peruse my photos, add me as a friend or gawk at my family, please check us out here; but the fanpage can be located and “liked” here;


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