I have detailed the fact that everything within Domestic Dish is copyrighted on the main page of the blog (see bottom) and it is mine, as it was written by me. Only fair!

That being said, I’m willing to share;

If you wish to copy a portion, not an entirety, of my writing then you may feel free to do so if proper sourcing is done, credit is given where it is due and you link back to this site.

If, however, you wish to copy what I have written by more than two or three sentences then please do contact me. I will probably tell you to go right ahead but you should have written proof of that and I should know why on earth someone would wish to do such a thing.

All photos are taken by me, unless otherwise specified, and they are not to be cropped or altered in any way. Feel free to photoshop any of my blemishes away and change my skintone at will. I prefer less corpse-white, more Sofia Vergara.

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