GlassesShop- and a discount for all!

I’m thinking my general theme for this past fortnight should be “eyes”.

As mentioned in my last post about the dragon contact lenses, I have received quite a few products that focus on the eye area lately, be those glasses, make up, creams or contacts. I’m not sure if the universe is attempting to force the realization upon me that I’m aging (thanks, universe-  duly noted), that my eyes need some TLC, or what exactly is up but this post is no exception. Brought to you, and me, by, I received the product at no cost in order to facilitate this review.
What’s cool about this particular post though, is that it involves a sweet discount code for all of my readers and my glasses are pink!

Glasses Shop Review

As you can see, these specs are pretty out there. That’s exactly what I was going for when I chose them from the site and, if they’re  your cup of tea too, then you can find the product page here. At $20 a pop, they’re fantastic, discount eyeglasses and you can’t really go wrong. The absolute best part of dealing with Glasses Shop, on top of that pricing, is the fact that single vision prescription lenses are included FOR FREE, along with their anti-scratch coating.

I had an eye appointment last week and discovered that I have so little pigment in the back of my eye that it explains why I am already losing colour in them. My eyesight is perfect but the eye itself is probably going to become a little albino-looking in the years to come. Fine with me, as I happen to think the whole vampire look is rather sexy. Well, some anyway;

glasses shop vampires

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In all seriousness though, I have to protect the pigment that I have left with polarized sunglasses, whenever outside, all year round (I immediately wanted to start singing Sunglasses at Night by Cory Hart when told this),and that can be pretty expensive. It adds up when, as any person might, I want to buy a few different options for those days when I feel I need a change. I can’t do that if my glasses cost $300+ a piece; which, according to the insurance claim that I just put through for my sunglasses, would still be kinder pricing than I recently received.

Expensive Glasses Meme

I mean, let’s face it, some outfits pull together nicely with something so loud and then different occasions may require a more subtle, less distracting frame. I love being able to change things up once in a while and, even if I went with the necessary polarized pair, or even a transitioning one, Glasses Shop beats out my local retailers’ pricing by a mile. I thought that was a fantastic bonus.

Speaking of bonuses, please use the discount code AlysiaX20 to receive a further 20% off on the website. I’m not an affiliate of Glasses Shop, just a lady who likes to pass on some savings when possible. Enjoy!

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  1. Jenn @ The Art of Better says:

    Those pink glasses are spectacular! Plus they look amazing on you. Thanks for the shoutout on the great prices at this company; I’m afraid age is beginning to catch up with me as well and it’s nearly time for me to get my own pair.

  2. Ashley says:

    Those pink glasses look incredible on you! I would never in a million years be able to pull off that look, but you? Those babies look like they were designed just for you 🙂 Great discount code, too! Thanks.

  3. Angelic Sinova says:

    Loving those glasses! I love unique glasses colors. I have a pair (I technically need glasses but I only use them for reading sometimes) that are lavender and blue <3

  4. Brandi says:

    My husband and daughter both have rather expensive prescriptions. I will have to check out this site and see if they have any options that they would like!

  5. Angela says:

    First off I must say, you are absolutely gorgeous! Those glasses are freaking awesome! I kinda wish I needed glasses just I could wear them. LOL this was such a great and funny post! [sparkling vamps..not acceptable LOL] Thanks for the share!

  6. Echo says:

    Those glasses look adorable on you! I love it. They totally suit your persona. Also, BRAVO for the vampire reference and meme. We need to go back to the days when vampires were dead and sexy, not dead-pan and sparkly.

  7. courtney says:

    Omg loving the frames!!!! I need to get new glasses super bad…. Believe it or not someone stole my last pair…. Which who steals prescription glasses?!? Ughhhh lol

  8. Michelle Hwee says:

    I really love those glasses on you, something about it just makes you look so radiant and its great as a fashion statement! Thanks for sharing, I’ll check it out!

  9. Lindsey@Kindred Spirit Mommy says:

    Those glasses are… awesome. Seriously. I want glasses just so I can look as cute as you do in these pictures. But not sure I could pull that off. Guess it’s time to go see what nerdy looks I can pull off at the vision center next time I take my daughter in… (she would DIE if I bought pink glasses)

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