Glow Bug Cloth Diaper- Bitty Booty Coverage

I recently had the privilege of trying out Glow Bug’s updated cloth diaper for review, courtesy of the company, and I have to say that the improved design made a significant difference for me.
Here is my mosquito-bitten, little “Chicky” in her Glow Bug cloth diaper;
As you can see, she looks adorable- and the diaper isn’t half bad either! Having two tiny ladies in the house, I can never get enough of the beautiful patterns, colours and character prints that Glow Bug offers because they launch a new collection yearly. However, as I will teach my daughters; Appearances matter less than what is on the inside.
And here is what counts for me;

Now, although it is not exactly new, I had not previously known about the 360Β° gusset because it was a design change put in the year after my oldest daughter was born. Being a cloth user, I rarely need to replace my diapers (huzzah!) and was basically living under a frugal rock when it came to what was new on the market. Great for my purse strings, not so awesome for convenience because I used to deal with leaks. It happens. It also happens with disposables, only landfills and baby skin also deal with the repercussions of soiled diapers in that case. (Did you know that it can take 500 years for a disposable diaper to decompose?! Google it!) Since peaking out from my hidey hole, I have come across some really fantastic changes to the cloth diaper scene and this gusset is one of them. All mess is contained within the little enclosure and it makes clean up far easier.
Glow Bug offers what you call a “pocket” version, with microfibre inserts, and they are one of the cheapest cloth diapers that you can purchase. This does not mean that you suffer where quality is concerned, as they go above and beyond many competitors with waterproof flaps in the front and back to help prevent leaks, on top of the gusset and the snap in inserts-so things stay put.

What else do you need to know, do you wonder?

The above pictured, little puppies are the many, snaps on it and this sizing capability means that your baby uses the same diaper from birth through to 35 pounds. Translation = even more money saved.
Chicky and Peanut, for example, can both wear this and there is nearly a year and a half age difference between them. Of course, Peanut’s potty-trained and has been for quite a while now so that worry is not on my list. If it was, however, that fact would be awesome!
There, I managed to pin my rolly-polly lady for a second and get a picture of her laying down.

She gave me quite a struggle getting this diaper on, as she’s fiesty today and wanting to dance to 102.1 the Edge right now. That is the soundtrack for our afternoon and Mama’s interrupting her busting a move for these pictures! As you can see, the fit is quite nice, even if she prevented me from doing things exactly how I like them done by wiggling and kicking out, like a frantic frog that is air-swimming.

The below picture gives you a side view of her big, cushioned bum;

Now, this was poofed out a bit more than they typically sit on her because Chicky shoved it down a bit. Like I said, she is a bit high-strung today due to her need to dance…and nobody puts baby in a corner!

As you can see, she is dancing up a storm and quite pleased in her Glow Bug cloth diaper. I most definitely recommend them for the beautiful craftsmanship, the fun patterns, the handy gusset and the money-saving size options. If you are interested in putting your own little wiggle wart in one, you can contact the company here.


  1. Rochkirstin Santos says:

    The design is cool and the diaper looks very secure. Nope, I didn’t know that it takes a very long time for the material to be decomposed. Whoa, then I wonder how about women’s napkins…

    • Alysia Casteels says:

      Oh, you know it!! Lol
      I thought that was such a fantastic addition. If you’re a cloth user, I’ve done reviews on a couple different kinds. What is your preferred brand? Always love to hear from other cloth-diapering Mamas!! πŸ™‚

    • Alysia Casteels says:

      So glad!! I recently checked out Piddly Winx too.
      Always enjoy checking in to all of the options out there, althoug Glow Bug is definitely super cute and this new gusset is unlike any other brand out there.

  2. Katrina Lutchman says:

    I really really REALLY wish I had invested in a set of these. I went with disposables, and on top of the footprint we’ve left on the environment, they were so expensive! What a great product, if I have another child I’ll give these a whirl for sure!

    • Alysia Casteels says:

      Definitely! Your average diaper takes 500 years to decompose so, when you add up all of that plus OUR similar feminine products…ick. That’s a whole lotta gross sitting somewhere.
      They’re far easier to use than people think and can be soaked or stored similar to a diaper genie…plus…if you start checking out the patterns available…eugh, shopping galore πŸ˜›

      Thanks for checking in Katrina!!

  3. Kath Rivera says:

    I haven’t tried this kind of diaper when my son still uses one. I use disposable diapers and some made my son’s skin irritated. I think I need to invest in this kind of diaper. I hope I can find something like this in our country.

    • Alysia Casteels says:

      For sure! I *think* this particular company has offices overseas and may be able to set you up. I would suggest shooting them an email but I can honestly say that neither of my girls,whom were both cloth diapered, have ever dealt with any form of irritation- not even through teething!
      I love cloth.

      Plus, they may appeal to a fashion-conscious Mama like yourself πŸ˜‰

    • Alysia Casteels says:

      Awh, thank you!! My little Chicky’s quite the sweetie πŸ˜›
      Glad you stopped by and feel free to let your friends know to do the same! Always glad to hear from you Rebecca xox

  4. Nicole says:

    Those are adorable. We didn’t go the cloth diaper route… I didn’t think I could stomach it. Thankfully, my girls were small so we got away buying the smallest diaper sizes for a long time. Then again… they didn’t have cute stuff like this when my girls were little.

  5. Amanda Kee says:

    Thankfully I no longer have to deal with diapers and I don’t see having to deal with them in my future! Haha. I’m only 25 but I’m happy with just one child. I never heard of reusable diapers until my son was long out of them but I do think they are great! Your little one looks adorable and I love the pattern! I have noticed they do come in so many designs!! I will def pass this site a long to friends with little ones!

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