Heart And Stroke; A Boy and a Charity

My son Ben (Thing 1 to my regular readers) has started fundraising for the Heart And Stroke Foundation of Canada. He is supporting a cause very near and dear to his little heart, due to our family’s own issues with heart disease.

He’s such a sweet, responsible and caring boy- I’m trying to help him by doing my part and sharing this across all of my social media platforms, as well as making sure that I stay “heart healthy” myself, as it’s a concern of his. He does the Jump every year, as well as runs a 5K Road Race later in the month to support Education Foundation Of Niagara…. I couldn’t run that far to save my life, let alone for charity!! lol He’s doing it not terribly long after his appendix was removed (see featured image) and this is his first long run post-surgery so he’s nervous about it. Still, he’s pulled up his philanthropic socks and is doing the Jump, shortly followed by the run.
This sweetheart takes on every charitable endeavor that comes his way and I’m very, very proud of him.


If anyone’s willing to donate, even $5 to help out, I know he would be over-the-moon to be able to give a sizable donation to the foundation. If you donate online, you can do so by sending payment directly to the charity via his fundraising page and tax receipts are automatically issued!

Click HERE to donate!

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