Hulk Eyes Contact Lenses Review

One of my all-time favourite memes features the Big Guy himself and, no, I don’t mean God;


Now, I’m not an alcoholic and I don’t fly off into a vicious rage but I love The Hulk, which is probably why I married him (sorry babe!). As a result, I jumped at the chance to review Hulk Eye contact lenses from Spooky Eyes, which I received at no cost in order to facilitate this post.

When looking for where to buy contact lenses, I’m always on the hunt for good pricing, preferably free shipping and quality contacts that have a decent water content so that they’re more comfortable. Spooky Eyes covers those bases and actually beats out the competition for pricing, especially where the Halloween contact lenses are concerned. I don’t have to wear them daily, and only ever use coloured contacts for a bit of a cosmetic change, but I use a few pairs each year. If I find ones that I really like, I’ll wear them more often.

The Spooky Eyes site, found here, is very easy to navigate and shows a wide variety of coloured contact lenses that they have available. There are all kinds of pairs, from completely black contacts to dragon-looking lenses and zombie white out lenses. My son wore that kind, although from a different provider, this Halloween and they were incredibly freaky looking. As mentioned, I went with the Hulk Eyes and they look like this outside of the eye;


As you can see, the lens is quite detailed and uses a variety of colour to make a single, overall effect.

I have green eyes naturally so I decided, for this review, to wear only one contact lens and compare the two. Here, you can see the difference between my natural eye colour and the green contact lens;

contact lenses
With Spooky Eyes contact lenses, site found here, I found that these felt a bit thicker inside my eye than others I have worn and they were quite a bit bigger around. I’m not sure if that was the intended effect or just that they’re larger than most. They were very easy to apply, although I did feel they dried out relatively quickly and I had to put in some Visine in order to stay comfortable. I think, for the price, they are well worth the purchase if you intend to wear them for only short periods of time.

If you want your own pair of Hulk Eyes contact lenses, please visit the product page here.




  1. Boonie says:

    That was a pretty good meme. Nice introduction to your review. I’ve never worn contacts before, but I’ve always liked how my friends who did could change the colors of their eyes. I always thought it was super cool. My favorite colors were purple and gray. The green looks quite nice on you.

  2. Fi Ní Neachtáin says:

    The colour those contacts give looks fab. I’ve never worn contacts and I never will as I’m terrified of putting anything so close to my eyes.

  3. Rena McDaniel says:

    I haven;t been able to try out the regular contacts and still wear glasses because I just can’t stand the idea of sticking something on my eyeball! These looked pretty cool though but dry eyes is not cool!

  4. Michelle Hwee says:

    Wow that shade of green really suits you! it makes you look so pretty and it really looks amazing. What a cool eye shade color, and hulk themed, how fun!

  5. lauriel says:

    These look so cool! I think the green Hulk ones go great with your eyes. 😉 I wish I could wear colored contacts, but I have astigmatism, which prevents me from wearing generic contacts… so I’ll have to admire them on other people, like yourself. 🙂


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