Lens Circle Review

I have failed to be online much recently, which I’m hoping to change soon, but that can happen to you when you have a baby. I hope to write more about our newest addition, who I’ve been calling “Little Sweets” for a while now, over this coming weekend. I put it off for a bit because of some family issues, with my honey not feeling entirely comfortable putting her picture up online for some estranged relatives to gawk at, but I’m thrilled to show off our precious princess and can’t wait to introduce her to you! Busy bodies be damned.
We now have FIVE little ones in the house and I’m finding that my blog has suffered while my kiddoes are flourishing. Of course, the one is far more pertinent than the other and that’s the way the cookie crumbles- I’m happy to put my own endeavors on the back burner but I’ve still got to etch out a steady blog routine if I’m going to feel fulfilled. Mamas have to express themselves somehow, right?

With self-expression in mind, I’m going to show you a neat, new find with these circle lenses that I received free in order to facilitate this review.

circle lenses

Circle Lenses differ from regular contacts because they’re wider than average, giving the eye a larger appearance.
Normal colour lenses are only tinted in the areas that cover the iris, whereas these circle lenses have an extra dark tint around the outer ring. They’re extremely popular in Asia and, like me, you may have seen pictures online of Asian women with absolutely giant eyes. For the longest time, I had wondered where you could purchase the all-black, wide contacts that make people look like vampires just because I thought it was so freakish and fun. Well, this is where you get ’em! Those are the lenses I wanted to try out for this review but, alas, (the only downfall I’ve found thus far) they were unavailable on the site. At the time of ordering, there were a few pairs that I couldn’t have chosen but I’m not certain of how frequently they restock. I’m sad that I was unable to obtain them in time for Halloween, as completely black eyes would have made for a nice addition to a costume, but the magic series is great for every day use. My husband said, “They’ll definitely set someone apart in a crowd” and he’s probably right. They’re the kind of touch that, at the end of the day, someone will think back on and talk about.

Circle lenses are a quick, cheap way to take your look to a new level. You can check out the website here www.lenscircle.com and, if you like mine, I’m wearing the MAGIC SERIES CIRCLE LENS, Item Code: CM836. I have to say that I like these far more than any other colour contact I’ve worn previously. They’re comfortable, relatively inexpensive at under $30 per pair, and are shipped with their own contact lens case. A lot of companies will do that but I enjoyed the funky pink one that I received, rather than the standard (and boring) green and white. The company has a deal where you can get a free Anna Sui inspired lens kit with every two pairs of contacts purchased, which I thought was pretty neat. When I was searching for zombie lenses last year for my son’s Halloween costume, I found a lot of specialty, coloured or costume lenses easily ran over $50 a pair so I’m a big fan of the Lens Circle price point, on top of their quick shipping and quality.

What do you think of them?

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