Liebster Award!?! For real!

I’ll admit it, I’ve wanted the Liebster for a while. It might sound silly, as I’ve become established in tribes and have a regular stream of commenting friends, but I just didn’t feel as though I was part of the “in” crowd. It’s the same reason we all want to be asked to the parties in high school- it means you’re part of a social group and have been noticed or accepted by someone else. One might not need validation or these types of little accolades but it’s certainly nice to get them and the random surprise made me feel great! Plus, passing them on brightens someone else’s day and helps generate some great backlinks. Any blogger can appreciate those. On a day when I was feeling a bit worn out, this re-energized me and got me to thinking about future posts.

I will accept my Liebster happily, with excitement, and think this sums it up nicely;

A special thank you to the super awesome Jacquelyn from DIY Design Mom, who thought enough of me to throw My Domestic Dish some social mention and props. She writes a beautiful, tidy and outstanding blog about savings tips, great DIY ideas and some fantastic shopping secrets for the stylist on a budget. Check out her Liebster post here. Thank you Jacquelyn!

There are six simple rules for accepting the Liebster Award;

  • Acknowledge the person who nominated you, link to their blog, and display the award
  • Answer 11 questions that the nominating blogger gave you
  • List 11 random facts about yourself
  • Nominate 11 blogs that you think are deserving of the award (sometimes a limited social following is stipulated but I’ll say to do whatever your heart desires, as my following was already too big for the standard rules)
  • Let the 11 bloggers know you’ve nominated them via social media. Shhh…surprise them!
  • Give them 11 questions of your own to answer




Now to answer the questions that were posed, as best I can.

1. Did you design your own blog logo or did you have someone else do the designing?

I retained creative control, gave all details for what I wanted and worked alongside someone who had more design skills than I could ever to possess. I sent about a billion pictures, gave multiple exceptionally detailed descriptions of what would work and then I prayed…lots.
I received a wicked logo and then went back to have it done again, with a younger (more “me”) head put on to it. It’s less Marilyn, more Mama but it works and I fancy it. I actually owe my logo to Fiverr and, if you want a free “gig” (job) then please feel free to use this link to try it yourself at no risk;
This is my logo, by the way; vintagebadgelogoopy

2. How would you categorize the type of blog you write in 1 word?


3. What’s your favorite TV show or Movie?

Boston Legal is my all-time fave show. My dog’s name is actually Shirley Schmidt. (seriously)
I love the law and I love James Spader- that one combines both and features him kicking ass on a regular basis. Not gonna lie, reading a script from that show would be more tantalizing than a 50 Shades novel any day.


4. What do you think is the most effective way to market your blog? What platforms or methods have given you the greatest success?

I believe a good base is necessary and, when they show support, it can help your following grow dramatically. I have had the most success with Facebook and by not being afraid to let my personality show in posts or pitches. I find people respond to that better than a standard, all business approach.

5. Do you have any pets?

I do! The aforementioned dog named Shirley is our family pet. We also have a fish, who’s presently nameless. We did have a kitty, although she passed a few months ago and I’ll refrain from replacing her at all costs. She was cute but clawed a lot of things and it appears we have terrible luck with cats. I want to save myself, and the kids, that kind of heartache again.

6. Where do you live? Keep it vague for safety reasons…example: Idaho or France…do not list your city or town unless it’s a big one.

I live in Ontario, Canada, in a sleepy town just outside of Niagara Falls.

7. How often do you write blog posts and what time of the day do you usually write?

I typically write a couple of posts each week and I always write in the evenings, once my husband is home from work. It allows me to work on the blog without my two toddlers on top of me. He isn’t always able to contain the chaos, however, so sometimes I have to write until the wee hours of the morning.

8. What is your current song obsession?

Uptown Funk! I just love it. All four of my children love and dance to it as well, which is a major bonus when it comes on.

9. Did you watch the Superbowl? If so, what did you think of Katy Perry’s performance?

I did, yes. I thought she was prerecorded (I once viewed an online video of when her recording failed and she had to do a live song) and the best thing about the show wasn’t Katy Perry but Missy Elliot. Admittedly, I’m not the biggest fan. I thought the campy, cartoonish dancers and the silly set beach set was irritating but the floor during on segment was very well done. I believe that the Superbowl halftime show should feature something badass, something rock, and Katy Perry didn’t cut it for me.

10. What are you most proud of?

I am most proud of my children. They give me a reason to wake up every day, a source of light at all times (even when they’re being monsters) and regular smiles. Their innocence, wonder, unconditional love and laughter is a daily reminder of the fact that there’s always something to look forward to and there’s always someone worth investing in, even when times get really tough. I will always have an excellent reason to take care of myself, to strive for better, to stay motivated and to set a good example.


11. What do you find most challenging about blogging?

Trying to balance the blog and home life is incredibly taxing at times- It’s impossible at others. I can’t always manage the two and, obviously, my children come first but it’s stressful when I can’t accomplish everything I am supposed to in a day. Once the girls go to school (if I don’t homeschool, which I am leaning towards doing), it’ll be a lot easier to work. That is, if I can make enough through My Domestic Dish to stay home during school hours. We’ll see! See though? Stress.
Oh- and coding. FML, I hate that crap.

11 Random Facts About Me

1. I think water tastes disgusting.

2. I don’t care to travel. After living overseas for a while, I’m content to stay in Canada. My ideal vacation is cottaging in the Muskoka area.

3. I don’t have a sweet tooth. I don’t crave chocolate but I do crave cheese.

4. I love Marilyn Monroe and have quite a collection of Marilyn items, including my bedding.

5. My nighttime routine consists of curling up in front of the news, having a glass of wine and reading on commercials. Super exciting.

6. My oldest daughter is named after a man. My oldest son is named after a woman. You can’t tell.

7. I run a group, as part of a team, of over 5000 women online; In order to deal with the difficult ones, I routinely think of Mary Poppins while typing. If my wording doesn’t suit the “Spoonful of Sugar” tune, I delete it and write it again.

8. I hate Ellen Degeneres. I can’t justify it, I feel bad about it and I have no real reasoning but it’s a passionate disdain. I know, I’m a super douche. I think it might be her voice- it’s like nails on a chalkboard for me (see point 10).

9. I love, love, love seafood. If I was on death row and had to order my last meal, it would be surf and turf, followed by chocolate mousse.

10. I have something called Misophonia. This leads to me snapping at people for things like breathing on/very close to me, chewing, slurping, nail-clipping *skin crawls*, singing, repeating themselves (or repetitive sounds/motion) or snoring. I don’t just wander around quashing all fun, or yelling at anybody, and try to keep things very minimal but there are some days when my jaw is clamped shut so tightly from the stress of it that I’ll wind up with a toothache. When I was pregnant with my first, it got so bad that I used to throw up over the sound of my ex’s voice.

11. When cooking, I regularly think of Julia Child. I think it would be awesome to get a WWJD tattoo that says, “What would Julia do?” underneath… something cooking-related. On the bucket list!


My Blogger List;

1. Multitasking Mama, Stephanie, from Managing At Home

2. Soon-to-pop Emily from The Innovative Mama

3. Ex-army Meg from Mama Loves Money

4. The actually skinny Danyelle from Not Skinny, Not Rich

5. Stunningly gorgeous Jordan from Jordan’s Onion

6. Homeschooling, twin-mom Jessica from The Motley Moments

7. Very relatable MacKensey from Macaroni & Mascara

8. The hilarious Ashley from SmashleyAshley

9. Helpful Carlie from More Than Mum

10. Beautiful Cara from StylishGeek

11. A like-minded Mama, named Karissa, from The Crunchy Chronicles

My Questions for YOU

     (Feel free to answer in the comments if you’re just stopping by the blog- I love to read these things!)

1. Why did you start blogging?

2. What is your favourite late night snack/guilty pleasure snack?

3. Have you ever really been in love and, if so, how did it turn out?

4. Do you have any habits that you would like to break?

5. What is one thing that you’re proud of?

6. Which season do you like the most and why? (One stipulation- it can’t have anything to do with holidays)

7. Do you share a birthday with anyone you know?

8. What is one bloggy resource that you frequently use and benefit from?

9. Has anyone given you a piece of advice that has stuck with you and, if so, what was it?

10. What is your favourite animal and why?

11. What book would you recommend to anyone?

Until next time, cheers! #nationaldrinkwineday



  1. Emily says:

    First of all, thank you for the nomination! I’m quite flattered. 🙂

    Second, I, too hate the taste of water… it’s just boring and bland to me. I had to really force myself to start drinking more when I got pregnant!

    Third, love the “soon-to-pop” – that’s certainly how I feel these days!

    Thanks again for the love! XOXO

    • Alysia from My Domestic Dish says:

      No problem at all! 🙂
      Gah, that’s the same here. I think it’s gross. I have to keep a big NFL water bottle thing (it’s got measurements on the side) to make sure I’m getting enough, otherwise I wouldn’t drink any at all. HAve you heard of the ZERO Water filters? They made a big change for me and I actually found water refreshing. I’ve got to get a refill for it but it was well worth it.

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