Manuka Magic Review

I recently had the pleasure of reviewing BunchaFarmers‘ Manuka Magic Facial Cream With Bee Venom, for a sponsored post, along with their Manuka Honey Oatmeal Soap.

The soap is actually made right in Ontario, where I’m from, and this particular bar includes saponified palm, coconut and olive oils- then there is oatmeal in there for an exfoliant.


I actually noticed the oatmeal kernels during use and, in one particular spot, that wasn’t entirely pleasant because it stuck out sideways on an angle. I had to pry it out, to prevent it from scratching me, and ended up making a bit of a mess out of the bar. I assume this wouldn’t happen regularly, and it hasn’t since, but I may lean more towards one of the other types in the future. I did, however, love that it is unscented and I could use it on my girls too. We’re a household big on using products that are safe for the whole family, while still addressing particular skin care needs. My babies, obviously, have baby soft skin- my husband has eczema and my boys are more on the greasy side, whereas I have more dry skin. This bar is moisturizing, although it does not add any additional slick to your body, it’s gentle enough for the girls, will not irritate my husband and it won’t clog pores either. It eliminates the need for 4 different bars, or body washes, in our house and frees up space in the shower. All around, I love it and it’s longevity isn’t bad either. You’re paying $3.99 a bar so it’s on par with most of the natural products out there but it includes Manuka honey, sourced from New Zealand. As the company pays import charges for this “healing honey”, I think the pricing is great compared to other, more easily sourced soaps. I find it lasts quite a bit longer than my usual olive oil soap does and I would definitely try out anything else from their line.

Upon first receiving the face cream, I was a little put off by the fact that it includes bee venom.manuka

We all know that bees are dying off at an alarming rate (thanks Monsanto!) and, initially, I was ticked right off thinking that we were killing thousands more for venom, just to slap it in some cosmetics. This prompted me to do a little research and I actually found that the venom used in this cream is gathered in a bee-friendly manner and you can follow this link to find out how it’s done. How cool is that?!


I’m not usually one to use face creams of any kind, as I find that I break out or look greasy. I’ve tossed Vichy, Nivea, Neutrogena, Olay, some from the Avon line and a bunch of other ones because I get acne, where I have never had it previously (even in high school). I was a little hesitant to try Manuka Magic but can honestly tell you that it works like magic! Not only is my skin more smooth, I’m even pregnant and not dealing with break outs and I’ve found a decrease in fine lines on my face and forehead in particular. I was really hoping it would help combat dark circles too but, hey, a girl can’t have it all. Perhaps they’ll come out with something for that because, after this experience, I would certainly be buying it.

Upon doing some further reading, I discovered that BunchaFarmers deals with all organic and natural items and they’ve been around for over a decade in my country. They are listed in the Top 200 Ethical Companies from Ethical Ocean and their stain remover received the Top 10 Green Household Items by Canadian Living. Why, on earth, have I not heard of them before now?! If you’re as interested in their line as I am, check out their website– you’ll be able to use the code 2016MemorialDay for an additional 10% off until the 30th!


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