Who stinks? Natural Deodorant by Routine

Oh, you know that scent…then one we all dread; It smells a bit like a stir fry, a bit like a raw onions and, depending on the person, it can be somewhat reminiscent of feet, Play-Doh or corn chips.
If you’re really lucky and trapped in an enclosed space with this person, you will get a combination of all of the above!

I know, personally, I never want stink like that and I was, up until recently, willing to sacrifice my health via antiperspirants in order to make certain that I did not.Β Then, I read a bit about it. Parabens? Triclosan? Aluminum zirconium and chlorohydrate, or propylene glycol? Does that sound healthy to you? It’s not! Google it- then avoiding trying not to stink after you’ve crapped your pants.

The harsh reality is that these cancer causing agents, proven contributors to Alzheimers (as if my husband doesn’t already have enough difficulty remembering to do things I have asked him to) and chemicals with a variety of other negative effects to our health are in our day-to-day products. They are part of our routine.

Sadly, however, it is very difficult to come across a natural deodorant that is effective, long-lasting and smells good. I mean, really, I want to smell like a dewy, fresh rose while sweating like a hog. Who doesn’t?
I am not that chick in the gym who pretends to wipe sweat off of her face while sneaking a pit sniff (yeah, I saw you lady!) but I want to make certain that I don’t stink to high heaven when I go to hug the hubbs once he returns home from work. As a result of the aforementioned facts, I also like doing that without a lot of chemicals.

Here’s where Routine De-Odor-Cream comes in, a natural deodorant, which I received free in exchange for this review;
It looks like icing, smells like cake and is not meant for eating but, considering the ingredient list, you actually could. You’ll be tempted, believe me. A very cool fact about this particular scent is that it’s comprised of flavour oils and not essential ones, which is completely safe for pregnant, or nursing, Mamas as well. Yay for that!
Now, I wish this stuff came in a handy, dandy stick but it doesn’t. Luckily, you need very little in order to get the job done and simply apply it with a finger tip. The jar pictured above lasts anywhere from 3-6 months, depending on how much you require each time. The initial investment may seem rather large but, when you consider how long the jar of natural deodorant lasts, it is worthwhile.
The Woah Blackberry Betty smells a lot like blackberry cake or the fruit itself mixed in with a vanilla icing; not that gross, synthetic vanilla smell either but one that makes your mouth water. It is very richly scented and stays with you for quite some time.
I found that it lasted through the day, although the scent did diminish and that was preferable to me. It was a bit strong for my liking at first but my husband loved my skin smelling of dessert. He said that he has never come across a deodorant that made him hungry before and thought I smelled like a jam-filled doughnut.

The above picture is the Maggie’s Citrus Farm scent option and this one was my least favourite, as well as the least effective, of all of the options that I received. I was not the biggest fan of the orangey aroma and I felt self conscious as the day wore on. It’s made of the same, beeswax base that the other is but I was just not a big fan.

This little, blue bird covers Routine Cream’s clay based option for deodorant, which I found kept me more dry throughout the day than the beeswax one. This particular kind is called Sweet Jane and it most definitely smells very sweet, with a couple of notes being similar to the Woah Blackberry Betty kind, with the hint of baking from the vanilla, but it includes pears as well. Sweet Jane is also scented with natural and organic flavour oils, instead of essential ones, and is my personal recommendation for the nursing Mamas.
I really loved this one and it was the sample that I went through the quickest, as I wore it daily.
I am not sure if it is due to the formula difference, or just the way the little trial sizes are packaged, but these ones were a bit more wet than the large, glass jar. I didn’t mind that but the one is decidedly more solid.
The pink bird above labels their Sexy Sadie scent and it is one of the best sellers from the brand. It, to me, is also one of the most complex but I actually thought it was slightly less pleasing than the others. This one includes patchouli, which is fantastic for skin conditions and as an antifungal addition but it does not appeal to me personally. I don’t like anything with herbaceous, musky tones and find it’s cousin, lavender, more pleasing. For ladies who wear perfume on a regular basis, you would be used to this and probably enjoy it. Just not my thing.
I use ylang ylang quite a bit in the household, in my diffuser or topically, so I was reminded of that from this one too. This scent is actually fantastic for uplifting moods, inspiring feelings of joy, relaxation or hope and for treating depression. If you happen to have any underarm irritation from shaving, this would also be excellent for helping to sooth and heal that due to the addition of ylang ylang to the ingredient list. I think the name may come from ylang ylang being used as an aphrodisiac but I could be completely off the mark with it. Either way, it’s fitting.
Speaking of the hubby, Routine Cream also sent along their Napoleon Dynamite blend for him to try out. The bitty, birdy buddy on that one is black, although I do not have a picture of it because he took it to work for his locker.
Now, when I first opened this one I did not enjoy the way it smelled in the slightest, then it grew on me once my husband applied it and it mixed with his own scent. It was similar to the Maggie’s Citrus Farm, only even more reminiscent of oranges or grapefruits, and then included some undertones that I figured were more feminine. This one includes bergamot oil, however, and you can wear that on it’s own as natural deodorant so it’s duplicity in scent makes for a great deodorant for the ladies who are more worried about odour. Try the men’s line! Bergamot is proven effective and, as an inclusion in the ingredient list, it helped to make sure my husband could wear a natural deodorant without smelling like part of the wild. Considering he’s a sexy, albeit occasionally stinky, beast and this one kept the latter at bay- it earned my approval.

Routine De-Odor-Cream can be found online here and you can also check out their Facebook page for more information.



  1. Jessica Peeling says:

    I hate using chemical-ridden deodorant, but I had the same problem when I looked at natural deodorant..none of it seemed like it would be hefty enough to do the job. I’ll have to check this out!

  2. Paula Parker says:

    I would love the one that looks like icing but smells like cake. Yum. I never heard of the Do-odor-Creams. Thanks for the info.

    • Alysia Casteels says:

      You would definitely want to eat it lol
      My husband thought it was a food ingredient when he smelled it (without seeing the lid) at first πŸ˜›
      Of course, with him, almost everything is a food ingredient.

  3. Elle Hipolito says:

    It’s so refreshing to see a natural product that really contains natural ingredients! I gave up typical commercial deodorants a while ago and now simply use coconut oil. But this line is certainly appealing!

  4. Russ R. says:

    This is the first time I’ve heard of this product and I find it interesting. I like that this one’s a cream type. We’ve had a cream type deo here, but I guess the packaging doesn’t click. This one is packed in the right container.

    • Alysia Casteels says:

      Sometimes a little clever branding makes all the difference, it’s true πŸ˜›
      Although going organic/natural doesn’t always mean that I’ll find beautifully packaged and marketed items- I’ve had to get used to it.

  5. Dawn says:

    This is so cool! I don’t like stinky pits, but I’m also not a fan of some of the chemicals that are put into deodorant. I’ll definitely be trying this.

    • Alysia Casteels says:

      I’m not sure where all they ship to but, I can tell you one thing for certain- Canadians are pretty accommodating people. They’d probably try their best to set you up πŸ™‚

  6. Marielle Altenor says:

    Would love to try this product! I tried going without deodorant for one day (use baking soda instead)..didn’t work for me. I tend to sweat more when I think I might be smelling lol

    • Alysia Casteels says:

      lol How true! It’s a viscous circle, isn’t it? πŸ˜›
      What’s really cool is- once you *allow* your body to sweat the way that it’s made to sweat, you’ll actually end up sweating LESS after time.

    • Alysia Casteels says:

      At least you’re eliminating exposure a little bit! Baby steps and, as you do that regularly, you’ll end up sweating less. Maybe, eventually, you won’t need the stronger stuff πŸ™‚

    • Alysia Casteels says:

      Lol TELL me you read it in his voice!! πŸ˜›
      I try to keep reviews to not just plain old, “This was so amazing! Everything’s amazing. Love this amazing product”.
      A little chat, a bit of review, a lot of info and maybe some fun.

      Glad you stopped by, thanks!! ^_^

  7. Kath Rivera says:

    It’s my first time to see a cream type deodorant that is scented. There’s an unscented deodorant here but that is for whitening the underarms. Thanks for sharing

  8. Jhady says:

    Natural deodorant? Hurray!! This is what I have been waiting for. I heard lots of bad effects using those chemically made deo. What a blessing. You know what? I think I have smelled the stinkiest smell in the whole world one time while travelling in an airplane..

  9. Jhady says:

    I love natural products and have been using them esp for my skin care. Never heard of natural deodorant that smells good as this. I bookmarked the site, I will check it more later. I am very interested.

  10. Shirgie says:

    I hate it when it stinks. I suffer from a disease called..ahmmm… I forgot but it’s all about oversweating. And you know when you sweat? It stinks too. So I guess I have to try this as no amount of power from deodorants can help me with this.

  11. Rebecca Swenor says:

    Great information about the hazards of use the other deodorants. I am going to have to try these ones. I have never tried them before but I think I would love to try the Sweet Jane. Thanks for sharing.

  12. MaryJane Tauyan says:

    very nice products. I am abit of sensitive about smell, Like a dog i can smell if someone been here or if my sister been in the kitchen before me hahaha i hate strong perfumes too when I walk in the mall ican just smell all the people walking hahhah. i have this deo from M&S which smells like powdery and very nice on my nose hahaha

    • Alysia Casteels says:

      Oh nooo! I would hate that, to be able to smell everyone that well! Blech!
      Well, at least if they’re wearing something like this then it’s light, fresh and yummy.
      I hate synthetic scents- they’re cloying.

  13. Tamara Camera says:

    Ugh, the chemical list scares me so much for conventional anti-perspirants. I know my friend has been using a coconut oil one at home and claims she’s been staying fresh!

    • Alysia Casteels says:

      You should check out the chemical list in 90%+ of our daily products! It’s terrible.
      Feel free to check back from time to time for some more scary facts, or lovely natural products lol πŸ˜›
      Happy to see you here Tamara! ^_^

  14. DotDonahue ZzzonkOwl says:

    Thank you for adding your site to my blog link-up party! I’m now following you on bloglovin’ and Google+!
    Let me know if you want to swap blog buttons or badges or whatever πŸ™‚

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