Baby Spa USA- Natural Baby Care Products for Precious People.

I received a lovely package, courtesy of Baby Spa, for review a little bit ago but have had such a rough couple of months that I put off this post until I had some wonderful news to add along with it. Well, that time has come and I can finally publish this review and you will learn my fantastic news if you just stick it out a bit longer. Here is what arrived in the mail for the cutiepie in my life;

All Baby Spa products are 95-100% natural and the complete line is free of parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, SLS and PEGS, which leaves room for improvement but also makes the products a hell of a lot better than what you find in nearly every store. I appreciate the company’s transparency and how the entire list of ingredients is available on the Baby Spa site, found here. This is truly a range of baby care products for health conscious parents and there are a ton of goodies available on the site that would suit a wide variety of needs. I was surprised to learn of the variety of natural oils used in their product line. I’m not a big fan of sunscreens, which are typically full of harmful chemicals, but I did appreciate discovering that some of the oils used by the company contribute to SPF and UV protection- always a plus.

One of their offerings, full of oily goodness, is this calming massage oil;

I did not find it to be heavily scented, or smelling too much of anything at all, and that was a big selling point for me. I am all about the “baby smell” and don’t want to mess that up with tons of stinky lotions so this one was great. It is also 100% natural, which is definitely desirable when it comes to applying things to baby skin. An infant massage is known to help strengthen the bond between parent and child, as well as nurture the skin-to-skin relationship and relieve stress hormones for the wee one. For some great techniques, check out Youtube for some excellent tutorials.
Next up were the wipes. These are super thick, plush, hypoallergenic (don’t even get me started on Huggies Naturalcare, which made Charlii break out so badly that I wanted to hunt down the creator in a Mama-rage), 100% natural and biodegradable. Yay! If diaper rash is an issue, the organic aloe and calendula is nourishing and soothing for an added bonus. They are pillowy soft and scented witih chamomile, which is calming and a nice addition to pamper little baby bums.

Last, but not least, is the “cologne”. This is for nurseries, to get rid of stinky diaper smell in a Genie or for use on the wee one. I thought the reasoning for the product was very interesting and I’m going to quote Laura, from Baby Spa USA, here because she worded things beautifully;
“Researchers have found there to be a tight connection between smell, emotion and memory. Evidence indicates that odor evoked memories are more vivid and emotional than those induced by other sensory cues….This gentle and lasting scent allows parents to create a safe, familiar environment for their child, triggering a flood of positive emotions that will endure over time.”
It’s 95% natural, smells like heaven in a bottle and looks like this;

It’s got that fresh, baby powder-like scent that I find a newborn’s sleeper will smell like once they’ve worn it for a while. It’s the same smell that mother’s will put their faces to a tiny outfit to inhale and it’s amazing that it could be captured so perfectly as a spray. I think the idea of a baby cologne is just adorable and perfect for a new little man in the family, which brings me to my good news; 

We had a baby!!! 
Well, my husband and I did not make this little munchkin…or not so little, as he was 8.65lbs at birth…but my sister did! My little sis gave me a new nephew on September 17th and I could not be more thrilled. Ryder will be sporting the Baby Spa cologne and getting the most use out of these fantastic products, as he needs some serious spoiling and could probably do with a rub down with the Calming Massage Oil after the awful ordeal of being born. As you can see, he’s pretty pooched as well as completely adorable. The handsome man holding him is my own son, Ryder’s oldest cousin, Ben (or Thing 1, to the regular readers).

I am confident enough in the Baby Spa line up to recommend their products to my little sister, for use on this precious prince, and encourage you to check out their site here or like them on Facebook.
Now to get back to the snuggles…