Younique 3D Fiber Lash Mascara Review

By now, you’ve probably already heard about Younique 3D Fiber Lash Mascara but have you tried it for yourself? I wanted to splurge on the stuff ages ago but couldn’t believe the Before & After pictures I saw online. I was worried that I couldn’t make mine look the same way, that it would be difficult to apply, or that I would have to basically be a make up artist to get the stuff to work properly. I don’t know- I just, typically, find that the too-easy-to-be-true marketing means exactly that.

With Younique 3D Fiber Lash Mascara, which I was supplied free for this sponsored review, I was pleasantly surprised. The Moodstruck mascara comes in two little tubes, one being a transplanting gel and one being the fibers. According to the website, found here, you can increase your average lash volume substantially-  The results observed in independent laboratory testing included a 384.5% increase after one application; greater than 2,000% after three applications when compared against bare lashes.

To Use Moodstruck Mascara

It’s pretty easy to apply and achieve a look you desire;

  1. Apply an even coat of Transplanting Gel to lashes.
  2. Immediately apply 3D Fibers while Transplanting Gel is wet.
  3. Seal the fibers with Transplanting Gel.

Repeat until you’ve reached desired fullness.

The first time I tried out the product, I was overly excited and simply jumped right in without reading the directions. I tore open the packaging, appreciated the pretty bundle it is sent in and I tried it on immediately butI applied it without sealing the lashes. Woops! They actually looked alright but I was losing little fibers on to my cheeks through the day and the lashes looked somewhat feathered. My lovely Younique rep, Sarah, let me know that the main issues ladies have with this mascara is when they don’t follow the instructions properly. I have heard other women say it “makes your lashes look like spider legs” and, when I didn’t seal mine, I discovered that similar effect. You most certainly need the second coat of the transplanting gel so don’t forget that step!

The Look

As you can see, there’s quite a difference and this is just with one coat;


I didn’t go bigger because I was having difficulty with them not hitting my lids and making a mess, that’s how long they were! For pictures, I couldn’t have tiny black spots all over my top lid, or smudges  from trying to wipe it off, so I couldn’t effectively show you that look.

All in all, I was thoroughly impressed by the Younique 3D Fiber Lash Mascara. I can understand the price tag and, given the fact that you pay nearly this much for higher end drug store brands, I think it’s a worthwhile investment if you’re a regular mascara user. I love the versatility, in the sense that you can go big and overly glamorous or opt for a simpler look. For me personally, I find the multiple coats to look too over the top. However, there are a variety of pictures on the website that showcase some incredibly beautiful layered lashes.
The new and improved formula gets my approval and, if you try it for yourself, I would love to see your pictures!

My Sexy Hubby, Smile Brilliant and a Giveaway!

My husband is a sexy individual. I know, I know- any lady is going to say that about her hubby but mine’s definitely a catch. I’m told this all the time. Between you and I internet, I’m not sure if women say this to compliment me because he’s pretty or to insult me, suggesting I’m not. Either way, if he were a president he’d be Baberaham Lincoln and I’m pleased to have slapped my brand on this sweetass breeding stud.


Whether or not he’s fighting fires, being about 6 years younger, out sick on the couch (sleeping with our kitty), playing games with our son or blowing out recent birthday candles…he’s nice looking…even in a Leafs jersey -_-


I say these things about him, cat call the guy all the time and show him off (like above) whenever I can but he still deals with little things that make him feel self-conscious. Like any attractive person, he complains about things that he sees as “flaws” that aren’t typically noticed, cited or discussed by anyone but him. As a gal who thinks he’s gorgeous, I find his insecurity utterly ridiculous but I support my husband in all of his self-improvement goals and wishes. One of those was to have whiter teeth, like he used to when we first got together and before he started hauling long hours and surviving on coffee in order to support our family of 6. We aren’t smokers and he takes fairly good care of his teeth but he refuses to oil pull with me and he will skip a brush if he falls asleep early at night on the couch. The poor guy works like a dog and can’t be faulted for the neglect. As a result though, his pearly whites were less than pearly and not exactly white. Although he’s not a vain person, he has complained about his “dull” teeth after viewing family photo and has felt bad about this one thing for a long while.

Luckily, I had the opportunity to partner up with Smile Brilliant for this review, who have also sponsored a fantastic GIVEAWAY for my readers today and I will let you know about that in just a second. Teeth whitening has taken off in the last few years, with white strips becoming popular, toothpastes focusing on stain removal and dentists offering the service almost anywhere. The at-home teeth whitening kit, however, is often neglected, feared or too expensive to use. The Smile Brilliant system is actually fairly simple and is hundreds of dollars cheaper than the option offered by dentists, even though it’s the same as the professional teeth whitening process. Here is what my hubby’s complimentary Smile Brilliant review kit looks like;


The Smile Brilliant kit included trays in which to make a cast of his mouth, the peroxide and desensitizing gels, the full instructions and a return envelope for once we had taken an imprint of his teeth.


It’s a fairly easy process, in which you mix the above two pastes together, slap the gunk into the mouth guard and bite down on that for a minute.


Then you take the mouth guard out and let the cast set. After the impressions harden, you pop the trays into the envelope, send it back to Smile Brilliant and wait for your custom whitening tray to arrive. Return shipping is fairly quick and the postage is included for all US residents. International users are welcome- we just have to pay to send our trays in and our expense was minimal, around $7. The Smile Brilliant staff is fantastic where this whole process is concerned, giving very detailed instructions and providing excellent support if it’s required. We found the customer service to be great and their response/turnaround time to be incredibly quick too.

I was really impressed with the tray aspect of the Smile Brilliant kit, as Bear’s got one slightly crooked tooth in the front that sticks out just the slightest bit more than his other ones- whenever he uses whitening strips, he doesn’t get even coverage because of this and ends up with discolouration in only one spot. The custom fitted trays hug each individual tooth and ensure even distribution of the peroxide gel. You apply a “string” of the gel along the tray (which helps to get the cracks in between your teeth) and are supposed to wear the trays every day for a week, for one to three hours. Bear was not able to do that, due to his level of tooth sensitivity, and needed to take a day or two break in between sessions, even though he used the desensitizing gel. He said it’s a lot to get used to and he had some gum irritation when first using the kit, which he hated, but he said it was well-worth it in the end.

Bear only had to whiten a few times before reaching his desired results and, I’m not sure if you can tell from the pictures below, there is a HUGE difference in his smile!

Teeth Whitening

Before whitening, after two sessions and his end results.

His smile became significantly whiter, the spaces between his teeth are no longer stained and I’ve started staring at them again when he talks, as I used to have a real thing for his mouth that I hadn’t realized we lost. We were incredibly impressed with the Smile Brilliant teeth whitening system and I think, in the above photo, you can tell that the last picture is a genuine, happy smile due to the results my hubby achieved with the kit. More than just the change in his teeth, Smile Brilliant helped to change his confidence and he’s been flashing a devilish grin far more often. He feels good, knowing that he looks good, and that’s why I’m so pleased to be able to pass on one of these kits to one lucky reader! If you are too excited about the idea of a whiter smile and don’t want to wait, trying Smile Brilliant is risk free because they offer a 100% money back guarantee. You can find the details about that on their site, which you can check out here.

In order to enter the draw for your own teeth whitening kit, worth $139.95, please visit the contest page by clicking HERE and enter today. Good luck!

Organic Lip Balm from Still Eagle

The lovely Still Eagle store in British Columbia, Canada, sent me this organic chapstick for review and I could not be happier!
Now, upon first glance, they really do not look like much. Then again, nothing in an itty-bitty tube of this nature brings a great impact to the table;


Now, I know it’s not Hoo-ah but Hurraw, yet I still found myself saying it like Al Pacino;


Sourced from;


From then on, this review became a heck of a lot more fun, as well as irritating for my husband because he now has that stuck in his head. Hurr-aw!
Just try to stop yourself from thinking that now. It’s impossible. You’re doomed and, from here on out, you may very well think of Al Pacino in Scent of a Woman every time you put on lip balm. If so, my work here is done. Wait, no…that’s not what this review was about. My work is not done, so keep reading!

Anyway, these little guys are all natural, vegan, fair trade lip balms and they work well!
I truly enjoyed these, finding them far more silky and smooth than others I have come across. More than just that though, I absolutely love all of the trouble that the company goes to in order to make certain that a safe, quality product is produced.

There are no parabens, petroleum, GMO ingredients, artificial colours or flavours in the balms and everything is free of shea butter, soy, wheat or palm; which translates to it being perfect for anyone with a latex allergy too. My sister came to mind, as she’s horribly allergic to the stuff and this would be a great option to test out. I suppose, being the big sister, I’m used to sharing my things and will give up one of them to her. What else is new, right?
Hurraw Balms are made up of a whole lot of fantastic, luscious oils (such as coconut, olive, castor, almond, jajoba and sesame), butters and candelilla wax. Plus a little love, or at least it seems like it, as all of the oils and butters within are cold pressed. That is more costly for the company but it means they retain all of their natural enzymes and essential nutrients. None of that cancer-causing, oil-drilling by product to be found here, which is standard with so many other lip glosses, sticks or balms. I find that simply fantastic!

Now, with the first one, I admittedly had zero clue what the heck a Vata Balm was and had to read further upon the subject. That left me even more confused at first, so I will attempt to explain it as easily as possible and hope I hit the mark. Yay for my disclaimer bar at the top, as I have already made it perfectly clear that I am no expert. In any case, this particular kind is based upon Ayurveda, which his the traditional medicine in India, as Hurraw actually has a practitioner on site. Under this medicine, there are 3 Doshas and those are Vata (wind), Pitta (fire and water), then Kapha (water and earth). A combination of each Dosha is present in every person and this particular flavour would be great for one pulled toward the Vata.

To quote the Hurraw site exactly here, this would be;

“The Vata Dosha: dry, quick, cold, light, subtle Element: air (wind) & ether (space)
Commands: intuition, creativity, imagination, spontaneity
Emotions: anxiety, worry, doubt, fear
Pacified by: sweet, earthy, warm”

By fortunate coincidence, I think this was probably the best organic lip balm that I could have been sent because that description speaks to me on a personal level. It may explain why I enjoyed the combination so much, although it is not something that I would recommend widely due to the distinct flavour. It has a very “foody”, almost spice-like, taste to it and may not be everyone’s cup of tea. For that, I would recommend the chocolate or rootbeer. I have never tried those myself, but I would love to, and you can never go wrong with chocolate!

The other lip balm that I was sent was coconut, which was nothing like the cloyingly sweet, synthetic versions that are on the market. The flavour was very much like actual organic coconut oil, which is used regularly in my home for a wide variety purposes, and was nothing out of the ordinary for me. Again, this one would be ideal for anyone who normally suffers with a chapstick allergy.

Both absorbed incredibly fast, but hydrated just as quickly, and each was fast-acting as a chapstick for fine lines. They did not leave that sickening, fruity syrup-like taste in my mouth, was not sticky, took care of sore lips immediately and I was very pleased with my overall experience.

As per usual, Still Eagle impresses again with their diverse stock options and unique finds.
Visit them on Facebook on check out their site here.

Say it again, just for fun, “Hurr-aw!”