Perfect Threads Online Clothing Shop

One of the best online clothing stores that I have come across has been Perfect Threads, the company that sponsored this review.  As a mother, it’s not always easy for me to get out in the dead of winter, shopping for myself or the kids with all of them in tow. Sometimes, in order to avoid a fiasco in a store, I prefer to shop from the comfort of my home. It’s not always affordable to do, however, and that’s where second-hand clothing stores like Perfect Threads come in.

Here, you can find a wide variety of used clothing online, including kids clothes, bargain clothing lots and women’s fashion. They’re close (to me), they’re affordable and they support area communities with fund-raising drives within the GTA. Anyone who wishes to start a drive with Perfect Threads is able to contact their offices via e-mail at and let them know your cause, your deadline and the amount of money that you’re hoping to raise. They will create a custom campaign for you, coordinating plans in order to help you reach your charitable goals. They work with area schools, religious groups, sports teams and other social programs, then arrange to pick up their donations and pay you based upon weight obtained. This, on its own, greatly encouraged me to stick by the company but take a look at some of the items that I obtained for less than $25 in TOTAL;

Online Clothing Stores

This great coat was one of my finds and it came with the plastic attachment for tags still attached. I was shocked by the like-new quality of the item, looking as though it was never previously worn, and I’ve got to say I completely love it. I took it out in bitter cold (I’m from Canada, that to us is -15 kind of weather) and it stood up well. I like the versatility  of the collar because, like any girl knows, sometimes you just  have to hide a cold nose from a winter wind;

That feature was great, not to mention the belted waist and all of the pockets! For $10, I made the smartest buy of the year.

When doing some online shopping for clothing, you can never really tell whether or not the items are going to arrive true to size but, using a Canadian retailer, I knew that the outfits I ordered for my girls would fit them. As you can see, they look adorable and just loved their dresses. Pardon the one photo, it was taken during a family get-together that Peanut really wanted to sport her Elmo dress for so I took the opportunity to shoot it then.

best online clothing childrens clothing online

The middle picture above is the detailing from the sweater that I ordered from Perfect Threads. Sadly, my bust size made the shirt itself slightly short but I absolutely love the uniqueness of the piece. This picture doesn’t even do the beaded flowers justice and one of my favourite things about going thrift shopping is that these types of stores have the neatest clothing.

Service from Perfect Threads comes with guarantees that most online retailers don’t, or even local shops that sell used clothing and I learned very quickly how much customer service can matter. I initially ordered a few different shirts from the store, choosing mediums, and was accidentally sent smalls. I let the company know of the dilemma, expecting the standard response of “You can ship it back to us and we’ll exchange it, then reimburse you” or something along those lines, which is always a huge pain in the butt. As soon as I got the email back, I was shocked to discover that I was quickly provided with a store credit to rectify the situation and asked to donate the other items to a local charity shop. No fuss, fast service and great communication!

If you want to check out the store for yourself, please visit their Facebook page here and their website here. If you happen to place an order, I would truly appreciate you adding to the comments box because referrals generate a store credit and you get a $10 credit for doing so! Be sure you pass on the word to friends and have them use your email address if they opt to make a purchase. This only counts for new customers, of course. Any order over $50 qualifies for free shipping- and that includes Canada! As a Canuck, I was overjoyed at this because most of the free shipping promises are for United States residence only but theirs applies to both countries. Bonus.
Happy shopping!

Alkemie Apparel; Raven Review

We have had nothing but garbage weather lately, with it raining for nearly a week solid and I took some indoor photos during that time as a result. I’m not sure how well they have turned out but I will let you be the judge, although I feel that the darker photos are fitting with this slightly darker-feeling fashion statement. Ladies and gents, meet Alkemie Apparel and the only bird that I am truly enjoying this Thanksgiving day; 

This line up came about as a result of Stacie and Kenneth Randolph deciding that they would refuse to be ordinary, create a badass fashion line and clothe those who were looking for something different. That is exactly what transpired, as each piece is eye-catching, captivating and most are designed by the couple themselves. Many feature skulls, reference to tattoos and have the cult classics type of appeal but I think, overall, they just look damn cool. To me, they don’t scream any necessary type of style and I have worn mine with a black, knitted sweater, my ripped up jeans, my nicer pants, a leather coat or just a regular pair of blue jeans. It works for me, speaks to me and has quickly become one of my go-to shirts. 

I had a difficult time choosing between all of the cameos offered, as I like so many, but I decided to go with the squid because of my Cthulhu tattoo. I opted for my necklace to match my feet, if it couldn’t match my shirt, and have been enjoying the piece with a variety of looks. Since checking out the site, Alkemie has launched a large quantity of new pendants, including a Marilyn Monroe one that I have added to my list for Santa. For the Nightmare Before Christmas lovers, you’ll want to check out the collection. You can view all of the necklaces here but this is an up close shot of the Inky one that I have been wearing;

The t-shirt that I am sporting is called, “The Raven”, for obvious reasons. I had to have this shirt the second that I saw it, due to my love of Poe and kickass attire. It is 100% combed, ring-spun cotton and is exceptionally soft, stretchy without spandex, and the fit is quite flattering. I have issues with some clinging too much to my midsection but this one sits on it nicely, without sucking straight to it and making me look heavier. I hate the belly button shadow that is so often present when I see ladies in the stores or streets but this t shirt is thicker and stays away from that area. The quality of the fabric, as well as the natural fibres, allow for a heavier shirt that breathes easily and would fit all kinds of body types in a flattering manner. The best point for me is the pricing, as everything offered by Alkemie is obtainable for any budget.

If you want to peruse some of the awesome weirdness, you can follow on Twitter, like them on Facebook or check out the Alkemie Apparel site. 
To leave you with some food for thought, I derive inspiration from the author of The Raven; 

There is no exquisite beauty… without some strangeness in the proportion. 

– Poe

Echo-Echo-Echo Verde Fall Fashion

I came across Echo Verde while doing research for the blog, in an attempt to find eco-friendly fabrics that looked great, were more sustainable and were affordable. I’m cognizant of the environmental crisis that we sit upon the precipice of and realize the need for more earth conscious consumerism. That being said, I am also a mother of five, living on a single-income budget and I assume that I am not the only one who sacrifices a bit in the conscience department if it means saving some money.

With Echo Verde, the pricing isn’t outrageous but the clothing is.

echo verde review

I had one heck of a time getting photos for this post, as it was simply not my day where the camera was concerned so I do apologize for that. I have not done this incredibly comfortable sweater dress from the Echo Verde fall collection any justice but I’ll proudly sport it, all the same. The pieces focus on sensibility and soul, giving warmth to a wardrobe for chilly temperatures.
echo verde fall fashion
This is the hooded tunic sweater, in grey mix, and it’s comprised of cashmere and organic cotton. Can you get any nicer than that? Their fall collection would make even the most beach-loving mama pine for cooler temperatures and can be seen here. I would probably trade my left arm for their cape with the cowl, or the jersey knit, wide leg pants. More than just the clothing, I fell in love with the story of the company as well. Jane Nemis is the creator, who started the company in 2009 and wears every hat from designer and producer, to merchandiser. She is also incredibly nice, which makes dealing with a smaller operation far more personal and pleasurable than the big brands out there. Echo Verde is based in Vancouver, Canada and the name stems from the business practices and environmental approaches of one link in a chain impacting all of the others. The actions of one “echo” onward. Verde is Italian for green and serves as an homage to Jane’s grandmother, who taught her to sew. Leave it to the Canadians to be practical, with a multi-cultural influence, as well as incredibly sweet! I am almost as proud that the company is based here at home as I am to wear the gorgeous clothing, of which I will have another review posted about soon- so stay tuned!
 echo verde fall fashion

My final thoughts about the attire;

The Echo Verde Hooded Tunic Sweater makes for a simple, yet very classy look for the afternoon. This is the kind of outfit that is effortlessly on point, being cool, casual and it is definitely one of my fall essentials. It easy morphs from a date night dress when paired with heels into a Mum-at-the-park outfit, when I swap the stilettos out for my high top mocs. It is simply charming and suitable for women of all ages and tastes, on top of being highly practical.

Check out Echo Verde for yourself via the website or join up on the Facebook page and say hi to Jane for me!

echo verde


Holding onto spring with Echo Verde

Hey you! Nice to have you back. How are you liking this fall weather lately?
I absolutely love this time of year, with the exception of not being able to find a ton of colour in the seasonal attire. Don’t get me wrong, I love basic black (doesn’t every girl?!) but finding something other than a dreary palette, or wine red, is always a nice surprise. That’s why, for this post, I am holding onto spring colours and fashion with the Echo Verde line. I recently reviewed some fall garb by the company, which you can read about here, and mentioned how their collection gives warmth to a wardrobe for chilly temperatures. This specific outfit adds a splash of colour there as well;
I am presently sporting the staple of this particular assemblage in the cerise print, by way of the skirt that you see here. This piece works as the skirt shown above, a top, or as a sundress that you can wear with, or without, halter straps;
photos sourced from
I was not able to sport it as that beautiful lady did, due to my chest size causing me to look quite a bit heavier than I really am in the dress. There is a point to consider if you are a pattern-loving, busty lady but it definitely worked for me as a bottom and I enjoyed the ability to change the length, if I so desired. Talk about versatility-  and the skirt looks great with a variety of solids. You can see it worn at least four ways in the catalogue here, as well as peruse the variety of colours in which you can find the piece. This is a cotton and bamboo blend, meaning that it wicks away perspiration (not that sweating is an issue in this Canadian nippiness) and is a piece made entirely of certified organic fabrics. There is an addition of spandex, which amounts to 4%, in the top that I am wearing but all products are tested and chemical free so I can live with that.
Here is the outfit from the back and, as you can see, the spandex in the top pays off with a bit of a booty accentuation and helps bring out shape in the getup.
The jacket is my own addition, as well as the crazy boots, and I think they work well with the look but this would do just as well with cute ballerina flats, sandals or a simple pump. I had originally paired the ensemble with a cardigan but I felt that I looked a bit like a school teacher- which demonstrates that it will suit a variety of women, shapes and style preferences.
Once again, Echo Verde comes through with quality, sustainable, versatile products that are manufactured in an ethical way and still prove affordable for an average gal. Check out their site or visit them on Facebook for more information. You may want to get your own dose of spring before it’s too snowy for bitchin’ heels 😉


Icebreaker Review; Hot Clothing from Chilly Company;

I had never heard of Icebreaker before and couldn’t believe it when I found them while looking for an eco-friendly, organic clothing company. To stumble upon their line, then discover that they’ve been around since the ’90s made me feel like I have lived under a rock for at least a decade. I should have been more socially conscious. The brand is sold in over 3000 stores all over the globe and offers some really fantastic options for daily apparel, all while running a sustainable company that has strong values in respect to animal welfare, the environment, as well as social and manufacturing ethics. More than just that, this is a clothing line designed for the athletes of the world who are concerned with temperature, durability and performance of their garments.
I was sent their Tech T Lite Short Sleeve to review, as well as pair of Multisport Ultra Lite Micro socks.

Everything is made from Merino wool, which I thought would be itchy. We have all experienced that horror story of the sweater you had to wear when you were a kid, with the prickly neckline and the body reminiscent of mini nettles. I know right? Not the case in the slightest! In fact, I’ve never owned something of this texture before and it’s hard to describe; the fabric offers the stretch of a spandex blend, the lightness of polyester, is more breathable than cotton and it’s a natural material! What I found really neat about Merino wool is that it will keep you cool when required but the same garment will offer thermal protection, similar to the actual animal’s coat; If it didn’t cool in the summer, they would die from overheating and it’s imperative to be kept warm in the winter time. The sleeve caps on the shirt are completely undetectable on the skin and, honestly, this popped into my head numerous times while I was trying it out;

(Image not my own, sourced from site in top, left corner of picture)

The shirt itself was not very clingy and I do believe it would be better suited to the gym than to lunch with friends, as there was nothing that screamed to be worn and shown off. Very similar to the Bench Active Top, which is in a similar price-range, only you’re wearing a polyester and spandex blend there and Icebreaker does not use synthetics. Their garments are biodegradable. The company does have an excellent array of designs, as well as some very sexy tank tops and matching underwear that I am going to have to request from the hubby, but I was sent the basic black, loose-fitting one.

Tech T Lite Short Sleeve
photo from

{I took a picture of myself in the shirt, then realized upon uploading that the lense was filmy and I have had to delete it from this space. Thank you, oh toddler of mine, with the sticky fingers and the need to touch everything! As such, this is a stock photo, but the woman is easier on the eyes anyway. ;)}

I am quite happy with it, as the Icebreaker line is full of athletic attire and I wanted to see how I would feel in it post-workout. After nearly killing myself with Billy Blanks’ Boot Camp and vowing to eat better (I won’t), rather than need to do that torturous routine, I was relieved to note that I wasn’t clammy, sweaty or gross. The shirt wicks sweat but also dries incredibly fast, which I did not expect from something made of wool. I also didn’t feel as warm as I normally do, which is probably caused by my yoga wear holding body heat in.

I washed the shirt as per label instructions, which means you get to throw this into the laundry like you would anything else. However, do not use fabric softener (which you shouldn’t be anyway, that stuff is horrible!) and its best to line dry. My hubby changed the loads over and ended up throwing my shirt in the dryer on medium heat, which caused me to panic and nearly have a stroke. Luckily (for him), it didn’t shrink, pile or lose it’s shape. Of course, always check the tag for how you should care for yours.
Which brings me to my next topic- the tag! When you purchase from the company, they have invested in a “baacode” system, which actually allows you to trace your garment back to where it came from. You can see the farmers and check out the living conditions of the animals so don’t rip the price tag off until you check into that, if you’re curious. Very cool.

These are the socks;

There is not a heck of a lot you can say about a pair of socks, only that I was thrilled to receive ones that actually fit my little feet. I wear anything from a 4 1/2 sometimes, up to a 6 and these sat properly on my foot. Like with the shirt, there was no stifling warmth or itching and I’m quite fond of them. They’re thinner than they look in the picture.
I am completely in awe of the steps taken by this company to ensure that quality is not sacrificed, while maintaining complete dedication to the environment, the livestock from which the clothing is derived and the workers involved in all processes. The factory that cleans the fibre will then clean it’s own water, recycle it and sell the lanolin produced as part of the process to the beauty industry in order to eliminate waste. The other factories do things like reuse heat, conserve energy by way of large volume dyeing and all growers have long-term price security so they have certain futures. For all of the animal lovers out there, the company also protects each sheep from a form of mutilation called mulesing in their contracts. The Icebreaker website is loaded with information about every step along the way or how their company worries about “a sustainable business model that doesn’t put profits ahead of the environment”, which I find worth paying for.
How sad that this is so rare and utterly refreshing?