Painting Lulu with Chicky

Today we are bringing you a really neat, new concept with the Paper-to-Digital Colouring Pack from Painting Lulu. I’m thrilled to be able to feature Chicky in a review again. It’s been so long that, the last time she was in one, she was modelling diapers and not in the least bit impressed. If you’re cloth diapering, or you just want to see a cute baby, you can check out the Glow Bug review here and a Piddly Winx one here.

Anyway! We received their My Little Pony kit free, in exchange for this review, and both of my girls have been making use of the 32 colouring pages included.

Paper to Digital Colouring Pack

Photo from Painting Lulu

What’s incredibly cool about the Painting Lulu colouring book is that your little ones can make a picture on the paper, then transfer it to Apple, Android or Amazon devices and continue their artwork via digital medium. This comes in handy if you’re heading out the car and want to avoid a melted crayon fiasco. Believe me, it’s rough and it happens. Last year my kiddoes took one SMALL package of crayons in our van, while on the trip up north, and I ended up with a backseat absolutely full of colourful streaks that were completely impossible to remove. Here I was thinking I was such an ingenious Mama, coming up with cute backseat fun kits that would keep them occupied during our 5 hour drive, and I inadvertently ruined the upholstery in our vehicle. Thankfully, I no longer have to worry about that (and we have since purchased a new van- yay for Honda and my man Nelson!).

As soon as I received the Painting Lulu colouring book in the mail, I had to hide it away, up high, so that they couldn’t tear it open. It was an instant hit because what girl doesn’t like My Little Pony and what kid doesn’t want to colour? For at least five minutes before they try to take the crayon to the wall anyway- I know what’s up, I’ve got boys too.



Here’s a great video to show you what it’s all about.


 Chicky was SO excited to get started. For her, she loves the pictures of all of her favourite characters and she thinks the “squishy” crayon is the best. She’s actually carried it around since using it the first time, in order to keep it away from her big sister.

As a Mum, I like the quick share options and the idea that I can upload their artwork to Facebook, in order to put it in their online scrapbooks. I can also easily share it with family and friends that may not otherwise get to see her art, just in case anyone wants an original Chicky piece on their fridge. Gramma can take some of our overstock, no doubt.

If you want to try before you buy, check out the Painting Lulu website and find their free sample page by clicking this link. If you know now that your children, or the littles in your life, will love this as much as mine do, scoop it on Amazon below. By using my affiliate link to purchase, you’re buying a great gift in time for the holidays and you’re also supporting this Mama’s bloggy endeavors. Thank you!

Cocktails N Canvas Review

Just the other night, I finally got out on a date! The hubby and I chose Cocktails N Canvas for our free time. We didn’t get to dress like we were going out together, or primp and prep for it so that was a bit of a bummer…but we at least had a few child-free hours to spend in one another’s company! Our day was hectic and stressful so we certainly enjoyed it;  We had spent the whole afternoon in the courthouse, then took my stepson’s Mom out to where she lives (an hour and a half from our place) after we set up his adoption. That’s a whole different post in itself though so stay tuned. All of that made us nearly miss the evening entirely so we were thrilled we were able to make it, even though we looked mildly disheveled, didn’t have a chance to shower and were pretty tired after very a busy day.

Anyway, we went to the Cocktails N Canvas paint party, this time being at The Host Bar in St Catharines. I was lucky enough to attend for free, in exchange for an unbiased review, but tickets normally cost just over $40 each. This includes the canvas, use of an apron, all of your supplies and the two-hour lesson but doesn’t include any food or drinks purchased. Given the title, Cocktails N Canvas, that’s part of the fun so you will want to budget accordingly. It’s a fairly new concept, starting up under a variety of companies and names, but the premise is that you get together in a local bar or pub, share some laughs, have a few drinks with your friends, and you create a masterpiece.

Cocktails N Canvas

You will have to excuse the photography for this review but my camera has crapped out on me, my husband took most of the pictures and I’m just having all around sucky shoot luck lately.

cocktails n canvas

Me, with messy hair and preggo chunk. Hello!

Pulling up to The Host, we weren’t sure what to expect by the outside of the building. I have to say, if you’re looking for a place with a fantastic atmosphere, it’s definitely one to check out! I was wowed by the beautiful furniture inside, the gorgeous floors and the overall cleanliness of the place. I’m one of those people who doesn’t feel right about eating in a restaurant if they don’t have a super clean bathroom and The Host checks out.

cocktails n canvas #cnc #paintparty

Bear, still managing to look cute even though he didn’t have the chance to shower after work.

Even if you’re not in the least bit creative, you learn step-by-step how to make a beautiful painting while being guided by a local artist. It’s easier than it sounds, trust me! My husband is a blue-collar, machine shop worker who likes sports and won’t even colour- yet the man can make a beautiful painting, I’ll give him that.

In the interest of being entirely unbiased, I have to say that we expected to go for a small bite and some beverages but we didn’t end up eating. We wanted to but found that #cnc had too few breaks, which may have been better if it was just one longer one in the middle of the event. We weren’t able to take advantage of the awesome tapas menu and the wait staff of The Host didn’t serve the party at our seats. This isn’t the first of these events I have attended and, normally, the party itself is checked on regularly so I was fairly surprised by the lack of service. I don’t mean it was shoddy- it was completely absent and I think The Host failed to capitalize on a lucrative income opportunity where this event was concerned. We had to run out for our beverages when we had a break in the painting and it wound up ensuring we had only one drink apiece. There would have been enough time to dash for a second but my pregnant bladder wasn’t allowing me to stay on task for the two-hour timeframe and Bear was busy catching up on his piece. Many of the people could be heard wondering whether or not servers would be by to take orders but no one ended up coming, even though it appeared that staffers oversaw the lesson.
That was my only one complaint about the evening and, as the place is just so pretty, we will try The Host once more (not during a painting party) before dismissing it entirely.

What we loved about the evening was the atmosphere, the easy-to-follow instructions, our personable teacher (we had Michelle that night and she is lovely) and being surrounded by people who are just as inexperienced but still having a ton of fun. I overheard so many painters giggling at their work in the start, then shocked by how well the pieces turned out.  I also think that every person at our table will go again, including us, but bring along more friends next time. We sat with a big group of ladies that had all come together and so many of them added names to the list of people they wanted to get out to the next event. Once you go, it’s something you’ll want to try your hand at again.

Bear and I sat across from one another, instead of side-by-side, so that we could do the “big reveal” at the end. I was completely surprised at how well his painting turned out, as he kept making jokes about how poor it looked all the way along. Mind you, most of us did and we all ended up with fairly good pieces.

Below is mine and both of ours will be posted in a video to my YouTube channel. If you’re interested in checking out the next Cocktails ‘N Canvas for yourself, you can find a local event here-

I did hear that they were hosting one at a winery soon so, if you’re anything like me, that will be the one you’ll want to book this very second. Cheers!

cocktails n canvas #cnc



Fall Mason Jar Craft

I was feeling crafty this week and found some lovely flowers at the Farmer’s Market yesterday, buying four different bunches and making my own arrangement out of some of them. 
This is what I came up with;

I made the mason jar as part of an activity at the Community House, along with many of the ladies who are involved with Faith Welland Connections. I have been attending their Thursday morning ladies meet up and we always do something fun while mingling over morning coffee. This is just a mason jar, covered with burlap and some simple felt/material leaves. Overall, I think the added touch makes it more seasonal and much nicer than a plain old vase. I thought of the Frugal Mommy Facebook group when I read this quote, which says;

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest, you reap but by the seeds you sow” 
We are all about spreading some good karma and helping one another out, sowing seeds for future positive interaction and a community feel. Love that group! I’m hoping that one of our members enjoys this arrangement when I surprise her with it. 
Set up beside some simple, dollar store fall bunches, I think it looks fantastic. 

Do you have any great mason jar craft ideas?

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