A Moment In Me Time; To Remember December

This is my third installation of my A Moment in Me-time series, where I give readers a glimpse into what is going on in my own personal life during each new month. A Lovely Life Indeed gave me the inspiration for these posts and I hope you have been enjoying them!
Please check out my previous months here and here, if you’re interested. 

My thoughts on December; Pressure, pressure, pressure…

  • I actually hate Christmas. I know, I know, I’m probably in a small minority but the commercialism is sickening, the pressure is stress inducing and the monotony of the same damn songs and specials played year after year makes me want to shoot myself in the face. I love spending time with the family, don’t get me wrong, and I love giving my children presents but I resent the idea that some fat bastard in a red, fur-lined leisure suit gets the credit. I don’t want to teach my kids to sit on some old guy’s lap in exchange for gifts, nuh uh, but “‘Tis the season!”….or so everyone says. I just hate it. I despise everything about it, with the exception of the Christmas tree. The only reason I participate each year is that I’m addicted to seeing joy on my children’s faces and a holiday season that culminates in that, however polluted in other ways, is worth subjecting myself to. As I stated in my last month’s post; My gorgeous babies will become wrapping paper shredding, screeching minions of Satan and they’ll be more wired than Charlie Sheen while winning, which is not my idea of a grand old time. Until the New Year, I am a closeted and falsely happy human embodiment of Grumpy Cat. Bah-Humbug! 
from smosh.com
  • It’s cold. Having two toddlers, I can’t go outside often. I’m a shut in; A grouchy, sunshine-starved, corpse-white shut in.
  • My ladies Thursday morning, a women’s social group that I attend in our community, ends until the New Year. My sewing classes also end, which means I have very little to do outside of the house and on my own. I am constantly in the company of children now that I have no programs to attend. Although I love my babies dearly, if I have to hear someone whine about wanting juice one more GD time after I just poured them a glass that was rejected by way of throwing it off the table, or if I need to mediate one more argument about who shoved who and how it shouldn’t matter because it was, “only tapping like this”, I may curl into the fetal position and cry.
  • The month is full of errands, company and errands for company. It’s hectic.
  • This is the most expensive month of our year and it’s highly stressful.
  • FML. December can end already!

What I’m reading; 

  • Nothing at all: This month is not about reading. It’s about wrapping, stress, baking, stress, spending, stress, more wrapping, stress, some cleaning post-baking and post-wrapping, stress, children unwrapping, stress and then more cleaning. No time for books and escape!
My favorite blogs/sites this month;
  • The Sits Girls; This is a fantastic blog for a newbie to the cyber world, such as myself. I suppose my page views don’t exactly quantify me as “fresh meat” but I’m still learning the ropes and have much to improve upon. I love the organization of this blog, how easy it is to navigate and I like the overall sense of community from the general site as well. It’s an excellent resource for bloggers everywhere and, as I’m hoping to improve My Domestic Dish in the New Year, it’s providing me with some regular reading material.
  • Mirth and MotivationI love dropping by Elizabeth’s blog, especially on a Motivational Monday, and am always floored by her collection of quotes, her outlook on life and the inspirational posts that she manages to piece together week after week. This blog is a lovely positive-while-not-preachy place and it’s my sanctuary during this stressful month. I would love to join in on the themes for a month, following proposed topics for bloggers and I think I might make an effort at it this coming year. It’s a great place to head for some daily affirmation!

What I’m watching;

  • Reruns; Everything I regularly watch is over. I’m watching the usual Christmas programming and have probably involuntarily seen Elf enough times in the past two weeks to file a restraining order against the overly cheery ahole. 
Attribution; http://cdn.3news.co.nz/3news/AM/2013/12/19/325800/Elf.jpg
  • I have also been taking full advantage of the fact that the On Demand fireplace is back. I love turning it on and have been doing so daily. In fact, I’m listening to the crackle of it as I write this. 

What I’m eating or drinking; 

  • I’ll be entirely honest, I’m eating everything I shouldn’t right now. Gah- and I was doing so well! I’ve been baking quite often and have a variety of cookies, meats and other homemade delectable that are steering me off of the healthy path. I’m not normally one to indulge in many sugar binges, as I am more of a savory lover, but I’m blaming Elf. The four food groups mentioned in that movie are candy, candy canes, candy corn and syrup- I’m going to suggest that it embedded itself into my brain and has effed with my wiring. Freaking Ferrel and his pointy hat!

  • The beverage of choice this month; wine! I’ve actually been given a couple of bottles from the women of my Mommy group so I’ve been sampling some various brands lately, courtesy of my lovely friends. I am looking forward to rum and eggnog this Christmas Eve, as part of our celebration with extended family, and we enjoy Kraken the most. If you’re a rum drinker and haven’t tried that one yet- do it. Do it and let me know how much you loved it!

    What I’m wearing; 

    • A front full of flour, most of the time, as well as pj bottoms or sweats. I’ve been baking quite a bit and choose those items when working with flour. It makes no sense to get covered in ingredients while wearing jeans or a skirt. I have also been rocking the poncho wrap a lot lately, as it’s like a big hug on a cold day and it’s super comfortable!
    What I’m doing; 
    I’ve been baking a lot lately. It’s not my idea of fun anymore, as I feel like a mini shortbread factory and it’s really getting to me.

    • I’ve been taking care of Thing 1, who has undergone surgery to remove his appendix. He went in on the 14th, after spending the morning vomiting and I knew there had to be something up because he was never sick. As soon as he said that he had pain in the lower, right side of his body we got him to the emergency room immediately and he was in surgery by that evening.
      It was, easily, the most terrifying thing that has ever happened to me as a parent and my poor, little guy was incredibly brave the whole time. Minutes before his surgery, he was comforting me while I could see the fear in his eyes. I never, ever want to see my child in pain again and if I could put them all in a bubble, I would seriously consider the undertaking. 

      What I’m listening to;

      • Christmas carols, what else?! Michael Buble is my reason for the season. 
      • Uptown Funk and Bruno Mars. Gah, love that song!

      Making me happy this month;

      • My little Chicky is potty training! Not only has my youngest daughter been using the toilet, she’s also coming out of her shy, little shell and is talking much more than usual. She’s finally piping up in front of her Daddy, my family members and siblings more than just the odd word here or there. Prior to these last few weeks, it’s only been Peanut and I who have gotten to speak to her so I’m very proud of her. It’s so exciting! At the same time, it’s bittersweet because my bitty baby is growing up and she’s the last of our brood. Ah, my ovaries! 🙁

      • Crafting! I’ve been doing a lot of Christmas crafts with the kiddies. I love finding a project that the kids enjoy but this year our ornaments didn’t turn out all that great. My oldest went in a different direction, my other son did what he was supposed to do (but he’s the artsy one) and Peanut Modge Podged our entire dining room table. So be it! It was fun while it lasted. I still want to make a salt dough ornament with Chicky though, just to mark her first Christmas craft and to go with everyone else’s handprints from previous years.

        My goals for LAST month;

        • Lose more weight, even after eating cette weight in Halloween candy. Hasn’t happened, although I haven’t gained either. Small steps, it’s Christmas and I haven’t added an ass cheek in shortbread!
        • Finish my quilt. My sewing class started doing Christmas things instead, which prevented my completion by no fault of my own. However, it’s given me something to look forward to in the New Year so I’m going to mark this as a carry over goal. 
        • Devote some time to the hubbs, as I have been doing with the children…At least once a week, without any other distractions. DONE! (When he’s awake, that is. Keeping this on for next month too, as it’s a positive goal).

        My goals for this month;

        • Keep on bonding with the hubby. Spend at least one night each week having a “date”, or at least a few hours devoted to one another without any distractions. He votes on naked snuggling (of course).
        • Finish my quilt when the sewing class starts up.
        • Use the new Flex Belt three times a week, minimum.