Drive Auto Products Car Can Review

I know it’s not just me that has a messy minivan and I can surmise this due to the number of children it takes to require such a vehicle- it’s impossible to prevent mess when there are 4 or more children in tow. The running joke in mom circles about Cheerios on the floor of the minivan has got to be one for a reason, right?


Having kids in a vehicle is like taking the top off of a blender while it’s in use. No matter how many rules you set, or how many times you say, “No one is eating in here!” you will, at some point, inevitably HAVE to stop for a snack, a drink or drag along some item that’s going to be left behind. Road trips are the absolute worst and, as my husband’s parents live two hours away on a traffic-free day, they’re a common occurrence in our house. Thankfully, I was recently gifted a car can by Drive Auto Products in exchange for a review.

The Car Garbage Bag is a cute, compact little receptacle that easily fits in any vehicle but, surprisingly, holds quite a lot of stuff! It was designed with an adjustable strap so you can fasten it nearly anywhere, like headrests, arm rests or even on the door.


Image credit; Drive Auto Products

Tossed in for a bonus, I also received a package of trash liners that perfectly fits the car can. The clasps on each side of the bin securely hold the bag when you tuck the liner into them and the little pocket on the side can house the rest, for when you need to change it up.


Image Credit; Drive Auto Products

What I really liked about this car can was that it’s leak proof so, when my husband throws his old coffee cups in there, I don’t have coffee leaking out the bottom of the bag. This also means it can double as a cooler so that, on longer drives, it can be used for drinks instead of garbage. The versatility was a huge plus!

All in all, I think it’s convenient, the pricing is fair and it’s better than using a plastic bag for garbage because it can be hung, or pinned, anywhere in the vehicle. Little ones are more likely to use something they can see, or reach, and having the multipurpose option is pretty handy.

If you want your own bin by #driveautoproducts then you can check them out on Amazon- or scoop it right now, from my affiliate link below!