Echo-Echo-Echo Verde Fall Fashion

I came across Echo Verde while doing research for the blog, in an attempt to find eco-friendly fabrics that looked great, were more sustainable and were affordable. I’m cognizant of the environmental crisis that we sit upon the precipice of and realize the need for more earth conscious consumerism. That being said, I am also a mother of five, living on a single-income budget and I assume that I am not the only one who sacrifices a bit in the conscience department if it means saving some money.

With Echo Verde, the pricing isn’t outrageous but the clothing is.

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I had one heck of a time getting photos for this post, as it was simply not my day where the camera was concerned so I do apologize for that. I have not done this incredibly comfortable sweater dress from the Echo Verde fall collection any justice but I’ll proudly sport it, all the same. The pieces focus on sensibility and soul, giving warmth to a wardrobe for chilly temperatures.
echo verde fall fashion
This is the hooded tunic sweater, in grey mix, and it’s comprised of cashmere and organic cotton. Can you get any nicer than that? Their fall collection would make even the most beach-loving mama pine for cooler temperatures and can be seen here. I would probably trade my left arm for their cape with the cowl, or the jersey knit, wide leg pants. More than just the clothing, I fell in love with the story of the company as well. Jane Nemis is the creator, who started the company in 2009 and wears every hat from designer and producer, to merchandiser. She is also incredibly nice, which makes dealing with a smaller operation far more personal and pleasurable than the big brands out there. Echo Verde is based in Vancouver, Canada and the name stems from the business practices and environmental approaches of one link in a chain impacting all of the others. The actions of one “echo” onward. Verde is Italian for green and serves as an homage to Jane’s grandmother, who taught her to sew. Leave it to the Canadians to be practical, with a multi-cultural influence, as well as incredibly sweet! I am almost as proud that the company is based here at home as I am to wear the gorgeous clothing, of which I will have another review posted about soon- so stay tuned!
 echo verde fall fashion

My final thoughts about the attire;

The Echo Verde Hooded Tunic Sweater makes for a simple, yet very classy look for the afternoon. This is the kind of outfit that is effortlessly on point, being cool, casual and it is definitely one of my fall essentials. It easy morphs from a date night dress when paired with heels into a Mum-at-the-park outfit, when I swap the stilettos out for my high top mocs. It is simply charming and suitable for women of all ages and tastes, on top of being highly practical.

Check out Echo Verde for yourself via the website or join up on the Facebook page and say hi to Jane for me!

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Holding onto spring with Echo Verde

Hey you! Nice to have you back. How are you liking this fall weather lately?
I absolutely love this time of year, with the exception of not being able to find a ton of colour in the seasonal attire. Don’t get me wrong, I love basic black (doesn’t every girl?!) but finding something other than a dreary palette, or wine red, is always a nice surprise. That’s why, for this post, I am holding onto spring colours and fashion with the Echo Verde line. I recently reviewed some fall garb by the company, which you can read about here, and mentioned how their collection gives warmth to a wardrobe for chilly temperatures. This specific outfit adds a splash of colour there as well;
I am presently sporting the staple of this particular assemblage in the cerise print, by way of the skirt that you see here. This piece works as the skirt shown above, a top, or as a sundress that you can wear with, or without, halter straps;
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I was not able to sport it as that beautiful lady did, due to my chest size causing me to look quite a bit heavier than I really am in the dress. There is a point to consider if you are a pattern-loving, busty lady but it definitely worked for me as a bottom and I enjoyed the ability to change the length, if I so desired. Talk about versatility-  and the skirt looks great with a variety of solids. You can see it worn at least four ways in the catalogue here, as well as peruse the variety of colours in which you can find the piece. This is a cotton and bamboo blend, meaning that it wicks away perspiration (not that sweating is an issue in this Canadian nippiness) and is a piece made entirely of certified organic fabrics. There is an addition of spandex, which amounts to 4%, in the top that I am wearing but all products are tested and chemical free so I can live with that.
Here is the outfit from the back and, as you can see, the spandex in the top pays off with a bit of a booty accentuation and helps bring out shape in the getup.
The jacket is my own addition, as well as the crazy boots, and I think they work well with the look but this would do just as well with cute ballerina flats, sandals or a simple pump. I had originally paired the ensemble with a cardigan but I felt that I looked a bit like a school teacher- which demonstrates that it will suit a variety of women, shapes and style preferences.
Once again, Echo Verde comes through with quality, sustainable, versatile products that are manufactured in an ethical way and still prove affordable for an average gal. Check out their site or visit them on Facebook for more information. You may want to get your own dose of spring before it’s too snowy for bitchin’ heels 😉