Sexy Specs-y; My Firmoo Eyewear Review

Disclaimer; Post contains affiliate links. I received my eyewear at no cost in exchange for writing an unbiased, honest review regarding my experiences with Firmoo. 

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I was recently approached by Firmoo, in order to review a pair of their snazzy specs from their ever-changing website, and jumped at the opportunity to work with the business. Although my husband needs glasses and won’t admit it, no one in the household wears prescription lenses. Due to anxiety issues, as well as my penchant for stylishly covering dark Mama-circles under my eyes without the use of make up, I enjoy wearing a pair of non-prescription frames on a regular basis. I simply get clear sunglasses so that I never have to take them off and so my eyes always have a bit of UV protection. These suit that purpose, as well as give me a bit of flair at the same time;
I am a big fan of the cat eye shape, as well as the tortoise shell look that turns into a pop of turquoise. As you can see, the frames are a bit on the larger side and are made to be a statement piece. I have honestly never worn a pair of glasses that have gotten such reaction from people. I have been complemented on my new specs every time I’ve been out wearing them since they arrived; while out of town to view some Christmas lights, out for a drink with my sister or even while grocery shopping. They came in a gorgeous, good quality case, that looks as though a map is printed on the outside and my husband actually stole that for his sun glasses because he liked it too. I also got a cleaning cloth, as well as a little glasses screwdriver with them and was very impressed with the company consideration. Shipping for these puppies was also exceptionally fast, with them arriving the very same week that I ordered;
The frames are affordable, the company communication is excellent, shipping is speedy and the site sales are fantastic. I absolutely love my Firmoo glasses and have received so much positive feedback about them that I will most definitely never shop anywhere else.

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