A moment in me-time….

Being inspired by a fellow Blogger’s “Ahora” series, I’ve decided to start A Moment in Me-time and give readers a glimpse into what is going on in my own personal life at this point. These entries will also serve as a great way to look back on my own views, or activities, as the years go by and I plan to do one each month.

Thank you to Kelly from A Lovely Life Indeed for the push, as I’ve wanted to do something a bit like this for a while and didn’t know where to begin but your suggestion that you would like to see some of these was just the prompt that I required.

October is my favourite month;

  • I love the seasonal changes to the temperature and to the trees. 
  • Halloween is THE holiday- forget all of this Christmas junk. 
  • I can incorporate pumpkin into pretty much anything- and will! 
  • Apple cider’s back and we can resume our love affair. 
  • Barring no mishaps, this month marks only one year until Bryan and I officially tie the knot. 

What I’m reading; 

  • I just finished By The Light Of The Moon, by Dean Koontz. I’ve been reading a lot of his work, as I received a box of them recently, and I am getting progressively more tired of it. Nearly every novel is the same and many characters have identical traits, professions or hidden talents. I did find this one to be one of his better books though and quite enjoyed it overall. It will, however, be the last of his that I pick up for a while. 

My favorite blogs this month;

  • Mommypotamus; Heather is the Mommypotamus and I love her work, her ideas and the way in which she writes. Her blog is what helped mine to get started and she does it all…or at least the things that I find worth doing. Her blog covers healthy eating, DIY projects, health, beauty, crafts, natural remedies and it provides me with a great deal of inspiration, as a blogger and a Mum, on a regular basis. 
  • Mamapedia Although this isn’t exactly a typical blog, I still subscribe to it like one and check in with it on a regular basis. It’s a collective of Mommy wisdom and, of course, there’s no better kind than that. You can find nearly every topic imagineable here and it makes the world feel like a much smaller place, knowing that someone else is dealing with the exact same thing you are at any given point in time. 
  • Glamour-zine I love this blog, especially on a day when I don’t have the time to read a heck of a lot but still want some fashion inspiration and some ideas for prettying up the hair. Her photos are gorgeous, her style is impeccable and she’s a cutiepie Mama of two that, like myself, describes her age as “twenty something”- I hear ya sister! 😉 

What I’m watching;
Hell On Wheels. This AMC show is about the lawless town from which the title is derived. The citizens of this railroad city, travelling with the western side of the Union Pacific Railroad, make for a compelling cast of miscreants and I am completely addicted to this series, which follows the formation of the transcontinental railroad after the Civil War and the emancipation of the slaves. Cullen Bohannon, the lead character, is a rough, haunted and obscenely handsome cowboy that fills a weekly need to witness a gentleman give someone hell. If ever given the opportunity, I might give serious consideration to leaving my husband for this fictional character- my husband would, likewise, do the very same- he’s just that good!
(Case in point; My husband just read what I had written and said, “Obscenely handsome, eh?”, to which I replied, “Well, he’s very good looking and I say it when a woman is too. Don’t worry hun, you’re more handsome.” My husband answered with, “No one is more handsome than he is. No one.”)


What I’m eating or drinking; 

  • Pumpernickel bread. I can’t help myself- it’s what I am eating at this point in time and I have had a slice already tonight. 
  • I’ve been making a lot of cherry bombs lately, which are little, spicy red peppers that I put prosciutto and provolone into. I roast them with the seeds in first so as to make sure they’re super hot, then slice the tops off, scoop some of the seeds out (take them all out if you’re a sissy) put in your filling and broil them for a few minutes until everything is melty and delicious. Amazing, although you may want to be sure you have a cup of milk on hand.
  • And drinking- apple cider, of course! 
  • I have also been into Frisky Zebras more than any other wine lately, as it fits within our terrible budget constraints at this time of year but still gives me a special treat after a particularly hard day. Megalomaniac’s Homegrown Reisling is always a favourite.

What I’m wearing; 

  • Echo Verde has been a fall fashion find for me, which you can read about by that first link or this one here
  • I have been sporting a lot of leggings lately and a variety of boots- heeled or flat, in varying lengths. Like this

What I’m doing; 

  • I started attending a women’s group. There’s a Lifetree Cafe gathering around the corner from my house and I decided to start going once a week, in order to get out and mingle with some other mothers. There are uninteresting topics once in a while, or things that I have already covered in my decade plus of living on my own and by raising children in a healthy household, but it is geared towards a larger group and covers something for everyone. My girls are always so excited to go and play with “friends” each Thursday now and Peanut counts down the days of the week.
  • Crafting! I have been making things a lot since the start of the month with little pumpkins, wine bottles (which I will post about soon) or I recently posted about a craft using mason jars. I also love using burlap, especially at this time of year, and will show you my wreath this next coming week so stay tuned!

What I’m listening to;

  • Xprime is played daily when my alarm goes off. 
  • That song “All About That Bass” is my favourite feel-good new release and I’ve discovered that I love Meghan Trainor’s voice. I’ve been listening to more pop than usual, which I hate myself for, but I’ve been needing some energy and find it helps. 
  • The Rumours album by Fleetwood Mac has also made my playlist as of late.

Making me happy this month;

  • My husband has been far more helpful at home than usual. He’s making a daily effort to ease some of my burden and it’s made a great deal of difference to how overwhelmed I have been feeling. 
  • We have been going to the Farmer’s Market each week, making room for family time and teaching the boys about supporting the local economy. They have been exceptionally well-behaved during each outing. I look forward to these trips a great deal. 
  • My girls, while I get to spend every day with them at home and count myself lucky no matter what they’re getting into. They have also been getting along much better than usual, with Peanut learning to share nicely. In this photo, they are both fresh out of the bath and were choosing their own attire- Chicky opted for a necklace and the nudist approach, while Peanut used her dress to make a poncho like mine and they both dressed up in my boots. 

My goals for LAST month;

  • Get back into the swing of things with baking, on top of daily cooking. I have been doing more, only not as much as I would like so I am keeping it as a goal and adding specifics this time around. 
  • Start working out daily…. eugh, still working on this one. 
  • Fix my sleep cycle, going to bed at the same time each night and waking at the same time each day. Done! 

My goals for this month;

  • Bake breads or snacks twice a week. Try new recipes as well. 
  • Find a weight loss routine/workout/diet that is obtainable and stick to it. 
  • Get out more.