Tea Bird Company Review

Good afternoon- and here is an adorable logo for you to “awh” at! 
It’s Monday and, as a result, I have been drinking plenty of tea! I was able to sample all of these specific ones over the last couple of weeks but my brew today prompted me to post about them. The Tea Bird Company was kind enough to send me their sample pack for review and this is what it looks like;
At first glance, I love the simplistic branding and the titles of the various blends, as well as the fact that each includes its own brewing instructions printed directly on the packaging. Very handy, especially if you are new to the tea scene.
I tried the Lord Earl In The Study With An Infuser (such a fantastic name) first; 
Black tea
Each blend arrived wrapped in this little disposable teabag, which is what floats the boat for some but it is not my idea of a good steep. With the average consumer, as well as when it comes to convenience, loose leaf is not exactly the most popular option. 
I prefer loose leaf and was just the littlest bit sad at first but, lo and behold, the teabags unwrap and easily open! Hurray!
Once I opened the small sachet of joy, the tea leaves looked like this out of the bag; 
For steeping, I have a nice infuser pot but prefer to use this little guy for smaller portions; 
Isn’t that adorable?! It’s a single tea cup infuser and it is incredibly handy, on top of being super cute. The little thing flips upside down while steeping and his perch there covers the top of your teacup so as to keep your beverage warm. In a house where it is often the case that I have left my drink sit for too long due to the kids, it is quite nice to be able to still partake in a nice cup of hot tea, thanks to my bitty bird buddie. I bought this through Pampered Chef and am told that it is being discontinued as of August 31st, which is a big bummer, so I will have to grab a couple more. If you want one for yourself, you can also support my lovely friend, Sara, with a purchase and will find this non-feathered friend here.
This is how it works and how the tea looks while just starting to steep; 
The black tea was absolutely delicious. I got a kick out of using my tea bird to make Tea Bird but I’m a big dork like that. Anyway! The taste of this is standard in the sense that it is a similar flavour to what is considered when one thinks of “tea” but it was much cleaner to me. I find the big two name brands either taste a bit like dirt or a lot like chemicals, which is not at all surprising when you do some research upon the ingredients. This provides none of that and all of the relaxing goodness that is achieved from the best cup of, to quote Jean Luc here, “Tea. Earl Grey, hot”. 
Sourced from; http://startrekconfessions.tumblr.com/post/14356715986
To transition from balls of steel, The Captain, to Magnolia Steel now; this is the next kind I tried!
Green tea
Here is an up-close and personal shot! 

Now, I have reviewed my share of green teas, some of which you can read about here, and I drink a lot of them. At least three times a day (when not pregnant), I will have a cup and I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this one. Although it is slightly more earthy than I prefer for regular, all temperature consumption, it was also a bit more flavourful than a standard green and a hint of berries on the tongue left me going back for another sip. The name, I thought, was quite cute and I am wondering if it was a play on Steel Magnolias. If not, it prompted me to make a sweet tea out of this all the same because it’s the house wine of the south, don’t ya know? I used a scaled down version of a recipe from Southern Living, which can be found via this link. 

Amazing- and it will also now be part of our regular summer routine.

I have NO idea where the title for this next one came from; a song, a prayer said by the guys on the road, a poem…who knows? That is what I enjoy about Tea Bird; all of their items are compelling, be it due to the title or taste. Every indulgence was an intriguing encounter and I give them a lot of credit for that.
In previous reviews, I have stated how I was never a big fan of Oolong tea and have since reached the conclusion that I was mental. I have come to greatly enjoy the experience and have never found an Oolong that is the same as any other that I have come across. Trucker’s Prayer was fantastically fruity, with notes of apricots seeming to be the prominent flavour, and there was very little astringency to the cup. I just loved this tea, from scent, to sip, to finish.
Now, to calm down, I’ll talk about Calm Down, their herbal offering; 
A very decidedly minty tea that smells absolutely divine, this one reminds me a lot of chamomile blends with the exception of it not tasting like the flower that bears the name. Odd, I know. This is not a tea that I would, personally, drink on a daily basis but one that is perfect while dealing with a cold or flu. I enjoy lemongrass and the soothing mint during such times but, once in a while, it is a nice one to have while curled up with a novel as well. Even the thought is calming.
If you want to check out Tea Bird for yourself, please find all contact details below. It’s worth perusing the site, simply for the clever marketing and their laid back, fun approach to business. Definitely a company that enjoys what they do- which is why they are so good at it, I suppose! 

I will leave you with my wishes that you have an excellent day, as well as the immortal words from Monty Python; 

Make tea, not war.


  1. MyDomesticDish says:

    They are nicely done, aren’t they? I liked that Tea Bird allows for options, whether you like to use teabags or loose leaf, you can do either and don’t loose out on quality.

    • Alysia Casteels says:

      I’m a big fan of companies that put in a bit of effort where clever branding is concerned. I mean, if I’m going to give my money to someone- I would rather give it to someone who’s made me chuckle, right? lol
      This was a fun review- I’m glad to have shown you a few new things. Thanks for dropping by again Russ!! 🙂

    • Alysia Casteels says:

      Oh, no way!! If you do a bit of research into the difference between the two, as well as the chemicals involved, you’ll definitely switch! That little bird’s the way to go!!

    • Alysia Casteels says:

      Same here Liz- that versatility is not always an option. I was pleased to have it this time around and it was definitely a big selling point for me. Once in a while the little tea bird is being washed or something like that, so having the option of tea when I don’t have the infuser on hand is nice too- gotta admit.
      I like that both ways are possible with Tea Bird.

    • Alysia Casteels says:

      Great thing about the little birdie- my friend is dishwasher safe!! 😛
      Bonus. I thought it was such a cute find that I had to feature that in here. I use it every chance I get.

    • Alysia Casteels says:

      GREAT gift!!
      I love getting boxes of tea, especially different varieties. I usually get pajamas…which I also love…
      but pajamas, a book AND tea?
      You would be her favourite child lol

  2. Brijdeep Kaur says:

    these look so nice and the packagings are so cute.. I even loved the first name.. “lord earl in the study with an infuser”.. whoa !! we have regular tea from tea leaves in our house but since long i’ve been wanting to try green tea, no black for me though 🙂

    • Alysia Casteels says:

      I thought it was such a clever take on a household staple…or at least a household staple where I’m concerned! 😛
      Green tea is fantastic for you! There a multitude of health benefits and I would love to hear your thoughts on it if you branch out. I’ve done reviews on Matcha before so, if you want the benefit but not the taste, that’s always great to put in rice dishes or in smoothies.
      I’ll be doing another Matcha review soon and it’s what I’m drinking this very second 🙂

  3. MaryJane Tauyan says:

    this looks yummy! i love tea’s too! and that cute little things is a must have! i dot sometimes forget things like that because of the kids. this reminds me to review a tea product as well

    • Alysia Casteels says:

      It can be so much fun to check out different teas from all over the world. I’ve done a few of them now and they are some of my favourite reviews!
      Feel free to drop by again and leave a link if you review one- I would love to read it!

  4. Kath Rivera says:

    It’s my first time to see a tea cup infuser like this. This tea looks refreshing and I haven’t tried drinking tea from loose leaf. all the tea that I’ve tried are already prepared.

  5. Je Tuan says:

    I came across this post at the right time! I’ve been drinking tea again because coffee increases my anxiety in the morning. I was just telling my fiance about how I wanted to switch to loose leaf tea. All of my bagged teas are beginning to run out so instead of restocking, it’s the perfect time to make the switch. That infuser is so adorable!

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